That was the sound of my excitement and buzz being smacked out of me.

A family friend is dead. Tractor accident. Not fun. His son, who has been one of my good friends for most of my life, sent me a text message yesterday, he didn’t want to speak but he wanted to tell me. I can understand that. He doesn’t live here, where his folks live, but he’ll be back today and gods, seriously, things like this suck. I then had to pass the news onto my Dad, who has been friends with this man for a good 20 years. And my Mum and brother, who while not such close friends has still known them for that long.

That’s a long time. I think we’re all in shock. Seeing a snippet about it on the news website this morning didn’t help.

I did some world building yesterday, though everything is feeling a little flat. I know thats all in my head rather than on the page. I am still looking forward to writing, just, not quite so much as I was a few days ago. Words always help though, so when I get a chance I’ll get stuck into it.

Life can disappear so quickly. That’s what I’m focusing on today – not the fear of it being taken away, but just the pure fact that you should give your love freely and make sure everyone you care about knows it, because you never know when that chance to share will be taken away.

Oh and Happy Mother’s day to all the wonderful mum’s in my life – I feel blessed to know you, inspired by the things you do, encouraged by your warmth and attitudes to life.

I love you all non-mum’s too, don’t worry 😉


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