Small patches of productivity and hibernation

I took my first third trimester nap yesterday. After settling Lauren into bed I was lying there listening to the hum of the dryer and the lack of other sound, I simply couldn’t resist.

Unfortunately, I’m not one of those people lucky enough to feel awesome after a nap, in fact I typically feel worse. Though I know my body is probably thankful for the extra sleep it doesn’t reward me in any obvious way. Maybe I need more practice?

Anyway, I didn’t write yesterday (though I did put the first words down for the story on Sunday night). I seem to have these small bursts of energy in which I tackle housework (or yesterday morning it was a bunch of errands around town, which went surprisingly well!), or baby organization tasks. We now have storage for its clothes and seeing that in the corner of the room makes me feel more prepared. Six and a bit weeks to go folks!

After expending energy, I’m feeling the need to do a whole lot of nothing. Yesterday I napped, then I went to bed early and read last night. I am enjoying these little hibernation moments. I should, I won’t have them for much longer. It doesn’t make for much progress on my writing though. I’m spending plenty of time thinking about the story for this week and the coming ones as well. I can hear Delaney talking to me, I just haven’t sat down to write.

Today, I will. I pushed myself to get a few chores done last night so that I hopefully don’t feel so tired by the time Lauren goes down for her nap, so now I just have to avoid the call of relaxation. I’ve got books I want to read (gee, am up to the last story in in ‘Looking For Jake and other stories’ and China Mieville? He is a genius, he makes me want to push the ideas I have further because wow, he comes up with some stunning ones! Gosh and I thought I could be weird at times. This man knows weird). Oh and the first two discs of Chuck season 2 should be here today as well… see, lots of lovely little guilty pleasures to indulge in.

And I should be writing.

I will be writing. But I’m not going to force myself to sit here for any longer than I actually want to. Apparently the time has come to slow down a little and let my body dictate things. And I’m okay with that.


12 thoughts on “Small patches of productivity and hibernation”

  1. I thought I was the only Worlds Worst Napper! There are times I will simply force myself awake until an early bedtime to prevent the havoc that naps wreck. I hate all of my friends who feel super energized after napping; it’s not fair!

    Anyway, don’t force it. Cooking babies, as any Mommy knows, is generally hard work. I was all but useless my last trimester.

    1. Yeah I was a bit nervous of this trimester, but I think I’m holding on pretty well! lol Glad to know I’m not alone in the ‘naps are no good’ club.

    1. I don’t know! It’s a bit of a worry really. It’s all slipping away on me.

      It’s nice to know there are more of us not-so great nappers around πŸ™‚

  2. Urgh – me and the hubs are not nap compatible. He can sleep at the drop of a hat and wake up refreshed after 5 minutes or five hours. If I even doze off during the day I wake up disoriented, grumpy and one step away from twisted nerves and gnashing teeth.

    Six weeks! Wow – how exciting.

    1. haha you sound a lot like me when I wake from a nap. I loathe how quickly hubby can fall asleep, and how he seems to stay asleep no matter whats going on around him!

    1. Perdido St Station was the first book recommended to me of his, but they don’t have it at the library here (which sucks! they are missing so many books…)

      1. Huh, that’s really odd. I checked and they seem to have everything but his most famous. Try The Scar – technically it’s a sequel but there’s very little continuity, you wouldn’t read much by reading out of order. Or for something a bit lighter Un Lun Dun, both are weird as hell. King Rat is good, but it’s very obviously a first novel, good but rough round the edges and lacking the brilliance of his latter ones – wouldn’t be my strongest recommendation.

        *such a geek*

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