The words, the words!

I had the best writing day yesterday, the best for weeks now and it was lovely. This story is just pouring out of me. All that thinking about it is paying off, all the work done on building Delaney and Father is coming together nicely. I actually kind of hope that I’ll get another good run at it today so that I can finish off the first draft and work on some other things.

Which sounds odd, in a way. I want to be done this story I am thoroughly enjoying so that I can go and do something else? Well, yes!

I’ve been snooping around duotrope a little bit lately, gosh its such a handy site. It never fails to inspire me – all those markets out there, all that potential. I like to look around and see where I could have my stories publish. Daydream a little – one day, I’d love to have a piece in this mag, or that zine… yeah, lovely dreams.

It is not enough to simply dream though. You have to make plans, and commit actions. You have to keep walking forward, learning with each step. Duotrope is a good reminder of that, it makes me think about the steps I want to take, and the steps I need to take in order to get my writing to a decent enough quality for some places.

So after I finish off this Delaney story, I’m hoping to get to work on some of my other stories. I’ve got a few sitting around needing some work done to them. I know what needs to be done it’s just a matter of finding the motivation and energy. This week, I might have some of that. (Fingers crossed I haven’t just jinxed myself for something else to crop up!)

Hope everyone else is having a good week too, I’m counting down now, not feeling too anxious yet, but certainly wanting to enjoy these last weeks of having free time.


8 thoughts on “The words, the words!”

  1. Good for you J.C.! It is so exciting to see you fully invigorated by your writing and your dreams.
    Reading your post made me smile. Duotrope has the same effect on me and I’m having a highly motivated week also. Keep on!

  2. Glad that you’re finally hitting your stride with the stories. I think part of it has to be that this story would be an extremely important and exciting one. I mean, Delaney’s first job? Wow, that pretty much sets the precedent for everything afterwards. I’m glad that you’re having a great time writing it and I hope that it continues when it comes to your next batch. You really deserve it.

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