Just for fun

Tama has once again introduced me to something fun. I should have just not clicked on the link, I should have avoided it at all cost – but no, I caved in and went to check out his latest addiction.

Enter Echo Bazaar and oh my, it’s fun! These games are typically fairly mindless, but the world this one is set in is just so cool. Fallen London is a neat place to explore and I’m having a ball – and because you have to wait for actions to refill, I am still getting lots of writing done! Lovely! A side distraction that isn’t cutting into my writing time? Perfect.

It has had an unexpected outcome though, in that it’s gotten me thinking about our old Pax Britannica blog. For me, creating those snippets of our combined world were much like playing Echo Bazaar, and I realize that I missed that. Just a moments thought brings to mind the names, places and groups that were beginning to be formed over at Pax – and Tama has been feeling the same.


Anyway, we’ve pretty much agreed that once baby is born, we’ll chat and see how we’re placed, and will probably go back to updating. I might only do it a couple times a week, but I think it will be a great way to expend some creative energy and keep me connected to my writing stuff, without being too taxing. The only reason it fell apart last time was because I moved house and had no internet for a month – kind of killed the buzz and flow, but I’m definitely feeling it again!


5 thoughts on “Just for fun”

  1. Oh, the madness! Little did I know what I was getting myself into as well! Obsessive clock watching … yes, the cats know. But the things they say! The THINGS they say! :O

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