Energy consumed elsewhere

I keep thinking of things to blog about and then not getting myself on here and doing it. I keep thinking about the list of things I need to get done before baby comes as well, and not getting on with those things either. I think I’m nesting.

I cleaned the bathroom this weekend, like, actually cleaned it – the bath, the shower, the sink, the cupboards. I threw stuff out, tidied other stuff. It looks great, it smells great, but oh man do I wish I had a ladder and something to make the ceiling look better, and that I was actually allowed to do that kind of activity… (the paint was flaky before we moved in, its still flaky, the best thing to do is NOT LOOK UP. There are no zombie babies hanging from the ceiling, but what I see there is just as scary).

Side note: I’ve been thinking about the zombie babies and the world that story is set in a fair bit lately. Hmm what should I do with it?

I also keep intending to write: finish this last weeks story properly (after deciding to go back and add the bits I skipped over), edit/polish some of my other stories, read and give feedback on several pieces sitting in my inbox. And that’s not happening either – on a happy note though, I DO have a story idea for this weeks Creativity Workshop writing now, so yay me!. I’m hoping to get through some of the backlog of reading today while I mull my idea over. Though now I’m thinking about the zombie babies again.

What else have I been doing? I cleaned the freezer. I started preparing and storing meals in there now that its lovely and clean. I’ve tidied/organized all the kids toys in the lounge. I’ve cleared out other bits of random crap around the house… I feel good about all of these things, but its not writing. Yeah, I’m nesting. I think the problem with the tidy/organizing thing is that half the time the place doesn’t actually LOOK any better than before I started. But at least I know that behind cupboard doors and under beds there is nothing lurking.

Other bits and pieces: less than 5 weeks to go now. I’m feeling anxious a little bit because Lauren was two and a half weeks early and who knows when this one will come? I’ve gone back to referring to it as being due anywhere in the next 3-7 weeks. Keep my mind from thinking too much about it.

I had my first weird facebook moment the other day: bumped into a girl I went to school with (and probably haven’t since seen in person) at the supermarket and she commented ‘Oh this must be Lauren! You don’t have many weeks to go now do you?’ It was nice enough. She’s a nice girl, but you know? It weirded me out a little. People actually read updates, and it’s not like I even post them often….

Ivy is getting better. We’ve cracked down on her, the boundaries are incredibly firm and we’re ignoring all of her negative talk. It’s hard work! But, she seems happier, and more willing to be a pleasant member of the family which is nice. Just have to keep at it. I wish there was room for a little more flexibility where she’s concerned, but for now, she just can’t handle it so we’ll have to be mundane and predictable. Over the course of a week I’ve gone from having to search for the smallest things to praise her on, to being able to genuinely tell her how wonderful, helpful, and caring she is. It’s so nice, I actually like being around her now that she’s not yelling at me all the time! What a relief.

Oh, and possibly the most amazing event of the week: I went out on Saturday morning to a Mum’s market, with no children. I was gone for just over an hour and no one died, not even Hubby, though they were all grateful to see me return. It’s the first time I’ve left the house sans children for something other than a quick trip to the supermarket to get a missing dinner ingredient. Lovely! Why on earth do we wait until our time is running out to take back the little things that make life easier? I’ll have to try and do it again at some point before the new baby arrives 🙂

Hope everyone is having a lovely week, sorry for the long, rambling post. I’m off to read, and think about zombie babies, no! Delaney, and Kira. Yeah, that’s it. Delaney and Kira… (and zombie babies).


7 thoughts on “Energy consumed elsewhere”

  1. Oh my, haven’t you been busy! Just reading all that makes me feel exhausted lol I haaate cleaning the bathroom, I’d do anything, anything to avoid doing that. I’m tempted to click on the link you’ve got for zombie babies, but I’m scared, and all I’ve got in my head now is trainspotting, yargh, thanks for that! Anyways, best of luck for this week for the writing and life in general – 5 weeks, very exciting 😀

    1. I hate cleaning, but someone has to do it and a mega blitz now will mean I don’t have to again for awhile (and the place will look good for all those post baby visitors that come out). Zombie babies are fun, not scary! lol well, if you’re me anyways… Thanks for the luck 🙂 I can use some of that!

    1. lol vampire hobbits, that is good for a chuckle!

      I still have a few weeks to go 🙂 So pleased it’s all easier this time around, I don’t even mind if I DO go late.

  2. I’m glad to hear that Ivy is doing better because I know you were really struggling with her for a while there. Hopefully her behaviour will continue to improve. I suspect now that you’ve decided to reclaim a bit of your time to yourself, the baby is going to come even faster. 😉

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