It was a quiet goal that I wanted to reach 20K views before the baby arrived and yay, thank you everyone who has been reading because somewhere in the last day I crossed that line!

I remember when I first realized that people were actually reading my posts, and then the first time my mother commented on my blog was another one of those ‘wow’ moments. People are actually reading… sadly, I never took that on board much so I still just mostly post what I feel like when I feel like it 😉

Anyways, some of you will know its been another one of those weeks. I mean, I really need to catch a break! All good though. I finally got some decent sleep last night (consider me an amber teething necklace convert – nothing else was different but the girl only woke at 2am for a quick feed, after sleeping 7hrs straight and hell, that almost never happens even when she’s not teething). I’m filled with hope that perhaps this means she’ll be sleeping better for the most part from now on, but she IS a toddler, so nothing is definite and I wouldn’t put money on it just yet lol.

I’m feeling more alive this morning, more positive in general, its good. And, I’m going to get my hair cut this morning which is very exciting! Just at a walk in place because last time I made an appointment while pregnant baby arrived the day before and I really didn’t want that happening again. More on baby stuff tomorrow, which is when I hit 36 weeks!

I have done some writing this week amazingly, and the story is coming together slowly but still forming and thats the main thing. I’m not getting a lot closer to being finished with my crit work due to extreme tiredness (going to be at 7pm? Not really conducive to getting anything done at all! lol). Fingers crossed this necklace continues to help and I continue to feel more alive. Considering the news I got about a family member yesterday, a little sleep deprivation is looking pretty minor right now anyway.

Okay! it’s almost 7am, and the kids are fed and dressed, so it’s time to launch into operation ‘housework’. I’m hoping to get the bulk of it done so that when we get home from our morning in town I can just… well, do a lot of nothing other than writing/critting should the urge hit. Or maybe I’ll nap again, it actually worked out reasonably well yesterday.


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