The end of the block 1 – creativity workshop

Merrilee posted the other day with a good check list to sum up how we are doing on the course, and I thought that today I’d take the time to go through it and see where I’m at.

In general I’ve felt pretty good about the stories I’ve been writing, though I’ve only completed half of them so far. I’ve had a ball exploring Delaney’s world, facing my fears of letting her in – and have been pleasantly surprised by her. She’s not as hard ass as she makes out initially, there is a whole lot beneath the surface just waiting to leak out onto the page and I am excited that at some point in the future I’ll get to work with her in a novel.

Anyways, on with the list!


1a. Am I doing my daily creativity exercises? – nope, I am a slacker

1b. How full is my notebook? – um, pretty empty? I could say that the girls are always stealing my pens, but the truth is, I’m not in the habit of using one and its hard forming habits right now

1c. Do I look around me and collect inspiration as I go about my day? every day!

1d. Am I looking for inspiration, instead of waiting for it to appear? always

I have always tried to make creativity an aspect of my life, so this part wasn’t as challenging as other aspects of the workshop. I can find sources of inspiration or ideas in just about anything if I want to which is truly a blessing.


2a. Am I examining ideas that excite me? I am, definitely

2b. Have I found a particular genre or topic that really means something to me? I adore Delaney, and her world, more with each story I begin.

2c. Is my exploration leading me to new outlets for my creativity, or do I feel like I am going in circles? Not going in circles as such, but I guess I feel like this is just a stop gap to bigger things. Delaney needs a novel, which I simply can’t commit to right now. So in some senses, this feels like filler.

2d. Am I finding it easier to concentrate on a project on-demand, or do I get distracted easily? When I sit down to write and have some time, then it’s not too hard to get some words out.

I think the biggest change I’ve made in regards to focus is that while I spend a lot of time thinking about my stories, I’m spending less time actually sitting down working on them – and far less time feeling bad about that. When I sit down to write, I write. If I’ve not got the time or energy to do so, I’m not kicking myself and thats a beautiful thing. That’s a lesson I want to take with me for when I get back to solid writing after the baby settling in phase.


3a. How many stories have I started? Four

3b. How many stories have I completed? Two

3c. Am I writing as often as I could be? Possibly not, but then, that’s not such a problem right now. I’m taking things easy.

3d. Do I bring the story to mind every day, even when I’m not writing? Definitely, makes it so much harder to get back into if you’re thinking about it often!

I’m not as happy with my productivity as other areas. I would love to be writing more, getting more stories completed, and working on polishing some of my other stories up at the same time as writing these new ones. But, I really just have to take it easy at the moment, and I’m okay with that.


4a. Am I meeting my goals? so far so good, I think?

4b. Do I remember what my goals are? I know I was focusing on Delaney and exploring her this first block and I have done that, though I feel like I should have had some more specific ones than that. Something to consider for the next block.

4c. Do my goals reflect my desires and where I want to go as a writer? I think so.

4d. Am I keeping my goals in mind whenever I get excited by a new project? trying! I’ve been tempted a few times over the last few weeks by new ideas, but have made a point of not rushing off into them and focusing on the stories I’d committed to. Am hoping to incorporate some of those things into the next block.

All in all, pretty good. Though this does make me think about the weeks ahead and this second block of stories. I want to hash out my ideas a bit better, and make more concrete goals. To that end I’m going to spend some more time thinking about where I want to go as a writer. Should be fun!

The second block is focused on writing action stories, which I still want to push ahead with. It will be a challenge, especially because life is moving quite slowly right now, so my stories are going to be in direct contrast to what I’m doing in reality. Hopefully, I can get these ideas working together though and have some exciting stories to write.

Better get to some work while I have the time!


7 thoughts on “The end of the block 1 – creativity workshop”

    1. Thanks, Merrilee. I’m hoping I can make the most of the weeks I have left, now that I’ve discovered a new wave of enthusiasm for this block.

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