25 days until due

We’re under a month to go now, and the general level of excitement is building in the house. Ivy’s favourite game to play at the moment is ‘what should we name the baby?’ with this mornings top picks by her being Hair-Spray (or alternatively Hair-Blanket), and Flicker. Lauren’s input on the matter was that we should call it Bum. But then, her vocab isn’t very big just yet 😉

When asked, they both said it’s going to be a boy. I asked Lauren boy or girl? first, so that her answer wasn’t influenced by Ivy, and she still said boy. We shall see. I think most people are picking its a boy, but it’s my kid ya know? So it’ll probably turn around and be a girl just because.

I have hit the point where I do want to be thinking about names (finally) so if you have any baby name websites that are awesome, or other sites which are helpful, link to them in comments please!

Anyways, here is a pic, taken this morning, blurry because, well, it is. Excuse the mess under the bed. 36 weeks and 3 days and YES I AM HAVING A BABY! I haven’t had a single person ask when I’m due yet…. I was getting asked by 32 weeks last time around.

Anyone want to place a guess as to date of arrival? The leading pick seems to be 25th of June, partly because its Hubby’s nana’s birthday as well as a couple of friends, but also its a little early, but not as early as Lauren (who was 2 weeks 3 days early).

Getting close now. So close!


12 thoughts on “25 days until due”

  1. You so have that baby tucked away! I don’t think anyone will ask when you are due! Don’t be surprised if they turn you away at the hospital too!

    I’m not taking guesses on dates, I am generally wrong!

    Just take care of you 😀

    1. lol I am 🙂 Still chuckling over your comment tho, lol they can’t turn me away can they if they can see I’m in labour? part of me thinks I might not even make it to the hospital. We’ll have to wait and see 😉 Very exciting tho!

    1. Thanks Anna! I’m feeling pretty good, it wouldn’t surprise me if I ended up overdue this time simply because of that lol. You’re not the only one with the 28th picked. Can’t wait for babies arrival!

  2. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH look at the beautiful tummy!!

    It’s so hard for me to think of not having another baby (even though I have a 3 week old!). Geez – I must be crazy. Can’t have babies forever right???? I envy women who know they are done…

    Do your ultrasound and by date dates match? You were bigger first timne around I think you said, right? maybe smaller baby? each one really is different.

    You seem to be doing great! Keeping up with your blog (even if it takes you 10 sittings per post), and writing still. Good for you!

    Sorry I have no great websites to offer you on the name. I looked around the net, perused some books, but the name came to us about two weeks before baby. Was like that for all 3. You have a list, or nada?

    Just a funny anecdote, when I went inot labot there was an ordearly from the birthing center who shared the elevator ride up with me. He told the nurses she cant be in labor, she was too calm, when I was checking in. They knew me, and one gave a ding on the side of the head, and told him, it’s her third baby, get her in a room now!!

    I wish you all the best, speedy and healthy. Good luck. and sorry I talked a mouth full I just realized how much I wrote! I kept having to get up and come back.

    1. Never apologise for rambling 🙂 I do it ALL the time!

      I was bigger last time, but by that I mean I weighed more to begin with, and my weight gain this time hasn’t been as big. They reckon baby is a similar size to last time around, though who can really know until they arrive?

      I got pregnant the first time I ovulated after having Lauren this time, so it was pure guesswork as to when baby was conceived, but the scans agreed with the date I *thought* it happened. We have no names lined up at all, which doesn’t bother me – something will crop up and stick! Like you, a couple weeks before Lauren was born I found her name, but it’s a bit harder with not knowing the gender lol.

      Oh and I am done as long as hubby gets the snip… I simply cannot trust regular contraceptive methods anymore! lol He wanted to get that done anyways, and then I got pregnant, so its even bigger incentive for him – 3 kids is plenty 🙂 it’s my fav number.

      I can’t believe 3 weeks have passed for you already! Gosh, time is flying by.

  3. Hm, sorry. I don’t have any major milestone in my life for your baby to come into the world around this year. 🙂 I’ll pick June 22 just because I like the numbers.

    1. hehe fair enough Kerryn! I would kind of like for it to be after the 20th, because some of my best friends are in the cancer star sign group.

  4. You do not look 36 weeks pregnant! I’m amazed. I’ll go ahead and guess July 1 as the birth date, and that it’s a boy. I think it’s so cool you’re waiting to find out. The mystery of childbirth seems to deepen for me when no one knows what the sex will be. 🙂

    For my writing, I have a favorite baby name book, and I return to it regularly for character naming. It’s called Beyond Jennifer and Jason, Madison and Montana: What to Name Your Baby Now. I like it because it offers an historical guide to popularity, creative and foreign and even old-fashioned names (wonderful for historical novels), baby-naming trends, regional and ethnic considerations, and guidance for avoiding pitfalls that might end up getting your child teased.

    And I don’t even have a child! 😉

    1. Wow, that book sounds awesome! I’ll have to see if they have it at the library. So many baby naming books are filled the the same stuff (same as a lot of the websites), so its cool to hear of something with some different twists.

      It wasn’t by choice that we waited, though I am happy with the surprise now. I think in some ways it makes it more special, and as you said, deepens the mystery. I’m now toying with not telling people the gender until they come to see baby 😉 haha, but thats just mean, I know! The four hour drive to find out would kill the MIL!

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