Simply beautiful

It was cold last night, but at least there was a good reason! The snow is down a whole lot further and maybe, just maybe, this weekend we’ll put our winter gear on and head up the mountain for a bit of fun – providing of course, the beautiful sun we have today doesn’t make all the snow go away.

This is what I missed when I didn’t live here. This mountain is a huge part of what makes me feel like I’m home. I love winter days like today, cold and clear. Stunning.


18 thoughts on “Simply beautiful”

  1. Awesome. Absolutely beautiful.

    I used to feel that way about my mountain. Then it blew up (Mt. St. Helens) right in front of my eyes.

    I never was the same.


    1. I can imagine! I really hope ours never blows, there is the possibility it will one day, but its impossible to know whether that will be in my lifetime or not.

  2. That’s some mountain. It’s weird to see the snow on top of it and think that you’re going to be visiting it soon when it’s all humid and sticky around here. 😛

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