Mid workshop wrap up

Can you believe we’re halfway through the Creativity Workshop? I’ve been having fun. Moreso on Sundays – for some reason it seems to be the day I can get some writing going on lately.

I just finished this weeks story/chapter and I’m really happy with how it’s come out. I read through last weeks earlier today because I was feeling quite flat and unsure about what I was doing and wow, what a lovely surprise. It’s good! There is so much going on there and I immediately felt a renewed rush of enthusiasm for the project. I have the chapter for this week ahead firmly in mind now and can’t wait to start writing that too.

Today I wanted to look back on what I’ve got out of this so far, but my mind just isn’t working like that right now. (Or I thought not, but then I wrote what follows, and perhaps it does make sense).

I went into it wanting to come out with some more short stories that I could submit to various markets (once polished). I’ve come out with 6 short stories/chapters which are all parts of novels in one way or another. At first glance that looks like a loss, but the reality is that I have two amazing novel ideas that I absolutely adore and that will keep me busy for a fair while to come. I have characters that I’m passionate about, ideas that excite me and it’s a really nice feeling knowing I have ‘work’ lined up for the foreseeable future.

On top of that I’ve learned to trust my brain more. It ticks over when I need it to, even when I’m not consciously giving ideas the time I think they need. It provides me with everything I need to build great worlds/characters/stories, it picks up suggestions from the smallest tidbits of information and works them into the story to bring depth and life.

I’ve learned that fear is no reason to avoid something. That in fact, when I am afraid of something I should embrace it and tackle it because sometimes thats where the most interesting stuff lies. And I want that interesting stuff. I like that challenge. It fills me with joy and makes me want to keep at it.

I’ve also learned that as a writer, I’m pretty determined. I should have known this, but when I talk to other people and they seem shocked to hear that I’m still writing at this point in my pregnancy, while looking after my 2 beautiful daughters and keeping the household running, I guess I’m shocked. It just seems like the natural thing for me to be doing.

Writing is my sanity. It’s the thing I do for me. The way I vent out any negative emotions, the way I keep the balance inside my head so that I never slip too far under the sea of darkness that sometimes beckons. It’s a way to burn up any manic energy I have as well. It keeps me whole and stable so that I can be the best parent I know how. I need these stories, these ideas, these other worlds. They help me stay grounded in this one.

Anyways. That’s enough from me! I am hoping to get at least one more story/chapter out before baby arrives, but it’ll come when it comes and the words will wait. I have so many possibilities lined up, so many stories and novels to write, and I feel confident that all this passion and drive will still be there waiting for me when I have time to reclaim them.


12 thoughts on “Mid workshop wrap up”

  1. I love your post, it makes me smile… so reminiscent of the earlier (much) me! I enjoyed the energy that emanates from your words, your desire to be the best mother and the confidence you exude that when the time is right, the ideas will still be there. Yup, that describes me… and now the time is finally right. I have a feeling you won’t have to wait as long as I did. But then, I raised eight children, and what a life it has been!

    1. Eight children. That continues to amaze and impress me. I’m glad it’s finally time for you now, and am hoping I won’t have to wait quite as long as you – though if I do, I know that the words will still be there πŸ™‚

  2. I think a strong sense of determination is one of the things that separates successful writers/authors from people who talk about wanting to write, but never get very far with it.

    And that is so great that you have so much material to work with, now! The tricky part will be not going crazy with the want to write it while you’re assimilating a new baby into the routine.

    1. Yes, that IS the tricky part Eliza! I think this time I will find more patience with it. Lots has changed since I last had a newborn, and while they can seem small when thinking over them, the reality is that I’m quite a different person now, and I do have a little more patience. Just a little, mind you πŸ˜‰

      Am totally with you on determination being important in the long run as well. I may never be successful, but I’ll always be a writer.

    1. Thank you, Aurora! I’ll certainly be doing the best I can to keep writing until baby decides to come, and then hopefully still have time to keep up with everyone elses progress afterwards πŸ™‚

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