38 weeks and…3 days?

I think that’s about right… mostly posting just to say that I am still around and still pregnant! And exhausted, but hey, you get that on the big jobs.

I didn’t get stuck into the new story yesterday, and I probably won’t be writing today either. As soon as Lauren caves into sleep I’m going to nap as well, let’s just hope it’s soon or we won’t get a very big one before school lets out. I’ve been up since 330am pretty much, and boy, am I looking forward to that nap. It’s consuming all my thoughts and I’ve been trying all morning to convince Lauren it’s time. She’s just not giving in yet. Little gremlin.

That said, from about 4am I did start thinking of this story and I know whats going to happen. When I have the energy to write the words will pour out until I see Matti through the tunnel and past the walking dead. I think she is as bewildered as I am by the strange girl she meets. All fun and games though πŸ˜‰

And now for a pic update! I will most likely forget to take any more, but I figured I should at least this as I have never been this pregnant before. I don’t think I’m getting any bigger, and hopefully won’t… we shall see. Ignore the fact I look exhausted. I am. My hair is a mess too, I need to wash it. And the room is a mess as well, but there is a surprise appearance by my cat Mishka in the hallway. She hates having her photo taken, so I might have to remember the sneaky mirror trick in future.

From the front, I just look like I ate all the pies. If we had pies in the house I probably would have. After seeing this I shall forgive the man at soccer practice who asked me if I had a sore tummy (while I was rubbing it while having a braxton hicks contraction after running around with Lauren on my hip helping the kids learn to follow the ball). At the time I looked at him and said ‘no, I’m trying not to go into labour’. He said to me: oh, you’re pregnant. ‘Um yeah, due in two weeks.’ I’ll forgive you for not wanting to say the wrong thing.

And now, back to convincing L it’s nap time. The girl hates sleep, I’m convinced.


10 thoughts on “38 weeks and…3 days?”

  1. I’d have wanted to say something different to that man…

    You look great — and nearly ready to bring a new soul through. Crossing my fingers for you. πŸ™‚

    1. thank you, Meredith πŸ™‚ I’ve never had this waiting before, because Lauren came so much earlier than expected. Have to say I am kind of enjoying the slow build of anticipation.

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