Still here….

And frustrated! My to-do list is not getting any smaller. It’s a reasonable list, nothing extravagant or unrealistic, but it’s simply not getting any shorter. I’m not even adding to it, it’s just failing to shrink.

The main reason for this is because our schedule has been a little out – schools been finishing early for parent teacher interviews, we’ve had an appointment at the hospital for Ivy (she’s fine), parent teacher interview (obviously) and this has resulted in Lauren pretty much not sleeping in the day. She’s been pushing back the time of her nap, and it’s just not been working with these other interruptions. When she did finally give into sleep yesterday it was after Ivy was home from school and needed my attention.

Mama needs some downtime! Mama needs some time to write!

As I am still committed to spending time with Hubby after the kids are in bed, it’s meant I’ve got nothing done the last few days. Well, a couple hundred words, but not enough to satisfy me. I still have one crit I need to get done. This chapter I want to finish if I can. I need to scrub the floors (baby is posterior, I have midwives orders to get down on my hands and knees lol its not because I’m nesting). I guess at least I made all my appointments, we’re wide open now for baby arrival. Any time, darling, any time.

I’m at that point where I wake up in the morning and think ‘is it going to be today?’ as well as ‘just one more day, I need to get these things done…’ I’m excited to meet this little one, but hanging onto each of these last moments I have as a 2 child mother, as a mother who has some kind of routine and space for the things she loves. Though I guess Lauren throwing off her nap these last couple of days has kind of ruined that concept anyway 😉

Flexibility is so important when it comes to parenting. I just have to go with the flow.

Anyways, enough rambling. I have housework to do while the little ones are occupied. Ivy is home as she had a temp last night and said she still felt unwell this morning. I sent Hubby off with the car, so we’re stranded here, and of course within 5 mins of him heading out the door she changed her mind and wanted to go to school… I’m predicting… that I still don’t get those things crossed off my list.


6 thoughts on “Still here….”

  1. It’s interesting that the very nature of to-do lists seems to be that the things listed on them never get done – lol! Hang in there!

    1. you are SO right! I hadn’t thought about it like that, but quite often I’ll get a bunch of other stuff done, but not the things on the list… The girls are behaving, so I’m almost done with the housework, hoping to get some writing in later when they have a rest!

  2. This came to me the other day and I’ve been forgetting to mention it. When our son was born, my eldest had been a poor sleeper. As soon as he was out of our room and sharing one with her, which wasn’t long, she slept just fine, every night! And since then can sleep like a log… 🙂

    I don’t know if she felt better with a roomie, not sure just what it was. But she thrived with him just in the crib not ten feet away, she on a twin mattress on their floor.

    I know you have different sleeping arrangements, but maybe Lauren will pick up some pointers from the new wee one…

    1. You know, I actually have this calm feeling that by Christmas all my kids will be sleeping pretty well. It’s an arbitrary date, I know, but I do just feel like I have a better handle on the sleep thing now, and that this wee one is in general a much better sleeper (at least it has been so far!). Lauren is actually sleeping okay again, with only one wake up, now that those pesky teeth are through. I’m hoping new baby will settle into some solid sleep patterns early and then we’ll all be happy 🙂
      Thanks for sharing Anna!

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