I had a title, and then I forgot it

Honestly, I did. It was clever, and amusing. Somewhere between feeds and changing nappies and clothes of several children I lost it though.

Ah well. This will not be the last time, I’m sure.

Anyways. I wanted to blog about writing. Where am I going to begin? When of course I have the time, or the free hands. I have to confess that the itch has returned already. It did this last time too – I thought I’d have longer what with more kids and all. I’d planned for 6 weeks off but by the end of those 6 weeks I’d finished the novel I was working on prior to Lauren’s arrival.

This time around? Well, I am working on that untitled zombie baby novel I began in block two of the creativity workshop. It’s not one of those pressing novels though. It doesn’t demand to be worked on every day, or even every other day – which is exactly what I need right now. I’m hoping to just add words to it when I can without putting too much pressure on myself. There is no deadline or goal date for getting it finished by. It will be done, when it’s done.

I’ve also decided to get back into my crit work – for some reason, this seems easier to do than my own writing. It was the same last time as well. I have a novel waiting to be critiqued, and several chapters/shorts for people. It’ll still be slow going, but I think it’s a nice easy way to incorporate writing stuff into my life again as well. Plus it will get my brain working in that critical way which is so important for editing/revising/polishing my own work.

Which leads to the third thing.

My goal for writing this year was primarily to get 5 short stories published. I felt this would give me some experience with submission and all the things that go with it. So far, I’ve had two short stories accepted which means I still have 3 to go to make my goal! I’ve got two short stories out on submission at the moment (the wait times are HUGE apparently, but I can be patient) and I have 4 or so that need some work before I can start sending them out.

Some need more work than others, some are in pretty decent shape – so I’m still feeling like I can achieve the goal if I work at it. Slowly. Without putting too much pressure on myself.

The home stuff has to come first. Making sure that each of my girls is getting attention and feeling loved and secure. Making sure that I nurture my relationship with Hubby because lets face it, three young children is a lot of work, but to give them a stable base we need to stay connected. And I love him. I was irritated with him a lot during the end of my pregnancy but now that Natalie is here heaps of that has lifted. It was a lot to do with my hormones and emotions and it’s nice to reconnect with him without feeling that underlying internal tension I had. We’re a good team.

Anyways, I’m now rambling, I think.

I have goals, and plans with no timelines, which is something new for me. I know things will fall into place and soon I will have more time. I think for me, it was more important to have a plan than to have the time to launch into it full scale, just knowing what I’ve got set up for me helps to keep my head clear.

The key is not to put pressure on myself. To enjoy all the moments I have free to write. To most of all enjoy my beautiful family and all the blessings there are in my life.


6 thoughts on “I had a title, and then I forgot it”

  1. I’ve come up with a few great titles, and then poof! They fly out of my head, goodness only knows to where! 🙂

    Those last three sentences say it all. Everything in its own good time, from family to writing. All the pieces for a happy Cassie will land just where they need to be!

    1. You are so right 🙂 at least, until I get the burning desire to get stuff done lol then I might feel differently 😉 I think I can keep that at bay for awhile.

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