Two weeks already?

Yup, at this rate it may well take me 6 weeks to get back into any kind of routine.

Everything takes so long at the moment. Tasks I could complete in an hour before can now take all day to get done, and much of my time is spent sitting on the couch with one or two small people attached to me. Add into the mix that Lauren has had a tummy bug for the last couple of days and is also still teething and well, it’s been more about surviving the day than enjoying it.

I am blessed, I know that, but gee, this is tiring folks! The whole tandem feeding thing is hard work, but well worth it, and while Lauren hasn’t been eating much in the way of real food I’m so thankful that I know she is still getting some of the good stuff and staying hydrated this way. Certainly I think it’s helped us avoid any jealousy issues, so despite the constant sucking that seems to be going on in the house, I’m still happy with my decision to tandem feed.

Anyways. I actually managed a little bit of writing back on Saturday – all in all it was a wonderful day. It’s just that since then things have gone a little downhill. Surprisingly, all I feel like doing is gardening. Not sure where that has come from, but the weather is absolutely stunning (if freezing! massive frosts in the morning, sun all day long and icy nights – the best of winter) and I long to have my hands in the dirt, preparing the gardens for new crops. It’s not gonna happen tho, at least not this week.

And I’m needed again….. hope everyone is well!


3 thoughts on “Two weeks already?”

  1. Ah, JC, you are doing great. The garden doesn’t need to be touched much in winter anyway. The soil needs to rest. πŸ™‚ Maybe you are craving a connection with Nature and the outside, because the kids keep you indoors so much? I would say make a trip to a local Botanical Garden or nature trail — but hello, not with a newborn. 😦

    At least you don’t have a craving so intense it turns into pica, that condition where pregnant women eat dirt — a practice as old as dirt — because their bodies are mineral deficient.

    Hoping it gets a lot easier for you soon!

  2. Dale tried to weed the garden the other day but the dirt was frozen solid so it was impossible!
    You’re doing amazing. It takes time to adjust no matter how well mentally prepared you are. Everyone told me the first 6 weeks is the hardest. I’m not sure it’s true cos everything became a million times easier at 7weeks when we switched to the bottle, but hang in there. Two weeks is such a tiny amount of time.
    Much love to you and your beautiful family xoxo

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