Why there is no time.

I have been trying for days to get a real blog post done, but it just never seems to happen. My arms are frequently full of children and you know what? I like it. Not that I didn’t like it before but I guess this time I really know that these early weeks go by so fast and this is my last go round on the newborn train.

Finding time for the youngest is actually pretty difficult. Ivy has a big personality, certain chunks of the day revolve around her – before school prep, drop offs/pick ups, homework, bed time routine. Lauren still needs a lot of mummy time (and is still dominating my night times), being just under 2, and so the only time I really get one on one with Natalie is when Lauren is having her day nap.

Which is also really the only time in the day that I might have to get some writing done.

So right now, the choice I’m making is to bond with baby and enjoy these newborn snuggles while I can. I keep looking at her, watching to see who is emerging. She feels so much like Lauren at times that I can’t help but feel like they are going to be really similar. She sleeps heaps better, she doesn’t have the reflux issues that Lauren had, they look similar but not the same – it’s the feel of her though, they just feel so much like each other. When I’m holding her, I often think I have Lauren.

What will be interesting to see is whether they retain this ‘feel’ as they grow, or whether it’s just that the only baby I’ve had before now was Lauren and all babies have the same kind of feel – anyone with an opinion on this?

Anyways, I do often think about writing. I have so much I want to get done, so much to work on, but none of that is as pressing as enjoying my children. A few months ago I might have been frustrated or annoyed at the amount of downtime I have, but now I’m simply enjoying it while it lasts. Sure, I do wish I could get more writing done, but I know it’ll come in time.

That said, I am hoping I can finish this chapter this week.  It’s been lingering far too long and I think I only need a decent half hour or so to finish it off. I was reading a friends blog the other day about her process for writing the novel she’s working on. She writes the first draft of one chapter a week, then edits that the next week before she writes the next chapter. It sounded like something worth trying – I wonder what my finished product would look like if I tried it that way? Something to give a go when I have the time, and when I have the brain power to actually outline better because I think you’d need to if working that way 😉

How are you all anyway? I am reading, if not commenting as much as I would like.


8 thoughts on “Why there is no time.”

  1. I love this post, maybe all the talk of how a baby feels… 🙂

    Natalie sure looks fab; saw those last pics, oh my GOODNESS!!! The cutest bunny I ever saw is named Natalie!

    Plenty happening around here; youngest daughter has been visiting, so while she watches bad television, I’ve been listening to plenty of jazz while trying to concentrate. Some work is getting accomplished, even amid The Hills and Teen Mom…

  2. all of my babies felt/ feel different. love having the newborn on me at alll times as well (he’s 2.5 months now). With my other 2 i didn’t realize how fast it passes. Now I find myself chasing the moment. Enjoy.

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