SpecFicNZ – launching soon!

I am so very excited. SpecficNZ launches next weekend!

Over a year ago, I responded to a post Ripley Patton wrote on the Kiwi Writers website and within a very short span of time a group of speculative fiction creators/enthusiast had banded together to form ‘The Core’. We bounced ideas around and worked together to form an organization which we hope will cultivate a supportive environment for genre writers within New Zealand, helping us connect with other creators, find markets for, and promote our work.

It has long been thought that NZ reader’s just aren’t interested in speculative fiction – obviously untrue when every book store has sections dedicated to science fiction, fantasy and horror. If people are interested in reading spec-fic from overseas, why not spec fic from NZ? As a nation we are incredibly supportive of NZ music, film and other creative endeavors – sadly, not so for the writer.

We want to change that.

If you love speculative fiction, if you write speculative fiction, if you want to see more of it from New Zealand writers then you should definitely check out the site.

The official launch is taking place at Au Contraire in Wellington on the 28th of August – if you’re down that way, why not head along and meet some wonderful people? Unfortunately I can’t be there, but I’ll be raising a glass of bubbly (sparkling grape-juice) to toast the organization on that night.

Membership will be opening up after the launch, and you’ll be able to get pretty web badges to show off (see mine over that way>>>>>).

Oh, so excited! It’s been a long time coming, but totally worth the wait.


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