The shape of the future

I need another monitor.

As you can see, I’m sharing mine with Lauren. Thank heavens it’s wide!

Some days, this is the only way I can get stuff done – she watches Wiggles clips on youtube, while I… do whatever I need to do/can do, with Wiggles tunes in my ears. I’ve even pinched Hubby’s old keyboard and a spare mouse so that she pretend she’s typing away and clicking as well – she LOVES that. Though, sometimes she tells me off when I too am typing and clicking. Sometimes, she is the only one allowed to do so…

Whatever helps me get some work done right? Funnily enough, Hubby may just use this as an excuse to upgrade his monitor. The idea has been sewn, and I might end up with another monitor in a few months time, even though I never thought it would happen! Gee two screens… one for net, one for writing. I could have visual prompts up and still have my document open full screen. It could be fun, very fun.

Anyways, in other news, I took the plunge yesterday and upgraded to an actual domain name – isn’t it pretty? It’s a subtle change, one I didn’t expect anyone to notice (though, some have already!). The great news is that it’s still a wordpress blog, and my old link still works perfectly and will automatically redirect, so no need for me to run all over the web changing things, no need for you to either, unless you really want to.

It was very easy to do, and worked out to be the cheapest option for me – I get to have my own domain name, while still having wordpress take care of me. There is no way I have the time and headspace to sort out a separate web page, that’s for sure. Maybe at some point in the future, but not any time soon 😉 I felt like I could completely justify doing it because the cost of it was covered by money made from my writing – woo!

I’ve kind of been putting off writing this last few days, mostly because I had convinced myself that the beginning of my assassin story sucked. I made myself read it yesterday though, and you know what? It’s actually pretty good! I’ve launched back into it, and hopefully the rest of this draft will tick along at a reasonable pace.

Weekend, which used to be terrible for writing, have now become my sweet spot. Funny how things change, how adding just one small person to the family tosses everything in a new order.

But, this is how the future looks: a domain name of my own, a second monitor at some point, sharing all my spaces with children, and getting the writing done regardless, if sporadically. I’ve come to accept that it’s just not going to be an every day activity for the next few weeks, though eventually, I’ll be able to claim that time back.

Things are feeling good 🙂


6 thoughts on “The shape of the future”

  1. That is awesome. So funny to see Lauren sat up there and playing along with you. How awesome is it that you paid for your domain name from money from your writing?! So cool.

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