There’s something about Tuesdays

Confession time.

Every Tuesday for the last several weeks has been rubbish. Not just rubbish, but the beginning of a few days of me being pretty much an emotional wreck, unable to cope with any of the things that are thrown at me on a daily basis. Life is stressful, and I guess that’s the point in the week at which it all gets too much for me.

I hate that I am getting like that, I hate that it ruins my Wednesday as well – but oh so pleased that frequently by Thursday morning,\ my head seems to clear and I can smile again, without faking it.

I have had my fair share of mental health problems in the past, and for this reason I am hyper aware of the fact I’m at an increased risk of getting PND. Every time I hit this low spot in the week I freak out that I’m not going to feel better, which makes the day when I wake up feeling good about life, happy with my situation, that much sweeter.

I know I need more sleep. I know that each of my children currently has a challenge for me and that I’m not dealing with these things as well as I might be (Our eldest is having some extreme behaviour which makes things pretty tense and stressful, the middle child is still teething and not sleeping well at all, and little Natalie is colicky – though we seem to have found something which helps, and hopefully there will be less scream filled evenings in our future). It’s a stressful environment, and I’m still learning to ask for help when I need it.

I am proud though that yesterday when L woke up a tearful mess, and Natalie was screaming – I called in the cavalry. Hubby picked Ivy up from school for me, and then stayed home. We had the girls bathed early, I got to go to the supermarket by myself (20 minutes alone!!!! Longest since Natalie’s birth!), and it was a much less stressful evening. I only asked him to pick Ivy up, not stay home, so it was lovely that he took the initiative and decided my well being was more important than going back to work.

Anyway, it’s Thursday today. Despite Lauren still feeling very off (she has an ear infection), and being awake for half the night – I feel great! I have a new story idea that I am hoping to run with. I have energy back and am ready to get the house under control before the weekend arrives. My head is clear and I haven’t once felt like bursting into tears this morning.

Such a relief.


10 thoughts on “There’s something about Tuesdays”

  1. Hi, JC–
    Good for your hubby for giving you a break. Three very small kids can sure be exhausting. It’s not Thursday here (Texas) yet, but it will be soon. Know that your kids aren’t trying to mess you up. Poor little outlaws have their own pains. I’m a grandmother and my arms just ache to comfort little ones. I’ll bet their grandmothers feel the same way.

    1. They do! I know all the grandma’s would love to be able to help out more often. And I wish I had more arms so that I could give the kids everything they need. Just gotta do the best I can 🙂

  2. Being a mum of three is a LOT of work. Yeah for Hubby’s sense of priorities and that you’re feeling better… Colic really does suck, btw. Eldest had it from nearly day one and it was no fun. Sending short-lived colic vibes your way! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Anna, I really hope we’re onto a quick fix for it – two nights of minimal fuss so far which is a good sign! long may it last 🙂

  3. I hope your Tuesdays get better and better. I know what it’s like to be so worried this time will be the time it doesn’t get better and to be so relieved when it breaks. Call in the cavalry when you need it. Even Superwoman needs a hand sometimes. xx

    1. haha, yes she does! I’m getting better at asking for help, and thankfully have a wide range of people who are happy to step in and give a hand when I need it. I’m very blessed.

  4. I’m really sorry to hear she’s colicky. that really really really sucks. how long has that been going on? how are the other two little ones handling that?

    Sounds like you’re doing it all – keeping tabs on yourself, getting out for those much needed 20 minutes.

    the other morning my hubby overslept and I got up to find not a diaper in the house. I left a naked baby at home and ran out to buy some (all on my very own – not a single kids in tow). I kept stopping in all the isles looking at things, reminding myself to get going – naked baby, hubby needs to get going to work. Came home and said, I was like a bird out of a cage. Sometimes we forget how precious a few minutes to ourselves is, and how rejuvenating they are. Good luck – and i hope whatever was helping is and more!

    1. Thanks, Jennifer! It’s really easy to forget how even a few minutes of absolute freedom can change the way one feels 🙂 Something I certainly used to take for granted!

      We’ve had three nights of pretty much no screaming (just a teeny bit), and I think we’re all feeling better for it. The kids seem less cranky, and we’re certainly less stressed out. It’s been going on for about 5 weeks I guess? But certainly has been worse the last few weeks! I just hope things continue with the peaceful evenings – makes life so much easier.

      Too funny about running out of nappies! I’m almost at that point, but will hit the supermarket later today! So behind on my washing at the moment, so I don’t even have cloth nappies to spare!

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