Spring is certainly here, and I couldn’t be happier. There is something about this change of season which makes me feel so positive and full of life again – like I really can crack out of this little shell I’ve been living in and get into the world.

I’ve been trying, so hard, to do that. But all the positive thoughts in the world, all the good intentions, sometimes aren’t enough. I’ve been well aware that I need to change the pattern of our day, and the warm weather and sunshine certainly helps kick start me.

So this morning we spent a good hour out the front, kicking and throwing the ball around. Chasing each other, pulling a few weeds out of the garden. We had a picnic lunch on the deck and then played on the swing for awhile and now Lauren and Natalie are both napping, which means I can get a little writing done.

I love it!

Though, settling in to the writing seems to be taking me a little while – my head is full of plans for the garden, and thoughts on what I can sell so that we can finally afford to fence the front yard and make it totally child safe. I am looking forward, immensely, to spending copious amounts of time outdoors and making the most of the weather, the children, and my life.

Eventually, I’ll get some kind of routine in place, one that fits everything in to it. In the meantime, I’m just taking it a day at a time, and being happy with all the things I DO manage to fit in, rather than getting hung up on the things I don’t. Life in general is happier and more productive when you look for the positives I find.

Better get some words down before I run out of time. Hope you are all enjoying your lives too 🙂


11 thoughts on “Sunshine!”

  1. Good to hear that you are perking up. Gardening is good for writers: flowers and free(?) food! Digging in the soil is good for the muse, too.

    Such a lovely picture of a young family at play and at rest. You certainly have wonderful background for stories!

    1. Thanks, Texanne! I love growing our own veges, though my winter garden was mostly unattended… very much looking forward to an abundance of home grown goods over summer. I definitely agree that gardening is good for a writer, or for anyone – it’s funny how many writers I know who also garden though!

    1. So intoxicating. I wish I could capture it to remind me of the feeling on the days when it will inevitably pour and we won’t be able to get out a lot 😉

    1. Perfect indeed 🙂 I have lots of fond memories of this time last year and it’s exciting knowing that we’ll be creating many more. I’m eating every meal I can out on the deck at the moment for starters, though have to get the railings finished off before Natalie starts crawling so that it’s all baby safe lol

  2. Such a sweet post. I’m so glad you’re doing well and focusing on the positive. It’s always hard at the end of winter — and then spring comes, and it all changes so fast, the pace of life, the outlook, the mood, even the energy level. It’s like a miracle in motion. 🙂

    Enjoy that sunshine!

    1. Thank you, Meredith! I’m certainly enjoying it while its around – Spring is inevitably wet, but the warmth and sunshine that creeps through some days makes everything right again.

  3. Hi J.C. Julie told me you are a kiwi so I had to pop by and say hello. I used to live on the north Island at the bottom of the Awhitu peninsula (Waiuku). Now I live in Canada. I used to travel all over the island with the Romance Writers of NZ, awesome country. It’s funny how kiwis get over winter compared with Canadians and look how cold it is here. I was always so excited about seeing spring in NZ. Enjoy the season.

    1. Hi Catherine! thanks for stopping by 🙂 I am certainly enjoying spring so far, and looking forward to summer as well! Waiuku is a nice place, I’m a bit further north in Taranaki – absolutely love it here, though I have heard Canada is also a beautiful place to live 🙂

  4. Oh Canada is beautiful, I live in quite a flat part though, in Ontario, so it is a shock from the rolling landscape I got used to. Was lucky to see Vancouver area too though when we first came over. I know of Taranaki because my mum is a painter and I bought her a scenic book of NZ so she painted Mount Taranaki. It looks a beautiful place. Nice to meet a kiwi on here. See you around. Catherine

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