When is a reprint not a reprint?

I’ve been wondering for a little while now because I have a couple of stories that many places would consider ‘reprints’ because they have appeared either here on my blog, or on another site for a brief period of time.

So how much needs to change in order for a piece to no longer be considered a reprint?

For one of the pieces in question, I rewrote small bits of it and gave it a polish before submitting  – I believe it’s very similar to the version that was on a website, so I’d consider that to still be a reprint.

But what if a piece had large chunks cut or added? How much of it needs to be different before it can be considered a ‘new’ story?

The number of markets for reprints is much smaller for that of regular stories, so it’s certainly something to consider if you have had something up on the web before. I wouldn’t consider it for stories that had actually been published by someone else before, but those that haven’t undergone a submission process along the way to being visible online are a different kettle of fish in my mind.

What do you think? Have you had any experience with reprints? At what point would you consider a story to no longer be a reprint?

I’d love to hear some opinions on this 🙂


2 thoughts on “When is a reprint not a reprint?”

  1. I think it would have to be a significantly different story, not just the same story revised, before you could call it a new story.

    On the other hand, some markets don’t care. I sold both my Searchterm entries, and advised the editors in the query letter that they had been published briefly on a blog.

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