School holidays. Again

They came around so fast that I am still convincing myself it’s actually real! What do you mean the 3rd term of the year is over? What do you mean I have 3 kids home for two weeks now?

I’m certainly liking the low stress approach though. I managed to avoid thinking about how I might fill these days up, or what it might mean for my writing, and as a result the next two weeks is speckled with small things to do to keep everyone happy. I’m feeling good about them!

The insulation is being installed as we speak. Somehow I’d managed to forget about that as well despite the fact we had a bunch of friends here on Saturday helping clear the junk out from under the house. I can hear people beneath my feet and its kind of creepy.

Hubby is home sick. I’m still very dizzy but mostly over the sickness. Apparently the dizzy isn’t something everyone is getting, but then I’ve had positional vertigo before so I know that this is it. Ah well, it’ll sort itself out eventually and in the meantime, I’ll just take it slowly. On the bright side, all three kids are mostly better, just minor coughs lingering.

We’ve also switched to daylight savings now. Most people hate this changeover, but personally I love it. The kids and I have been waking far too early, and now it feels like we’re getting a sleep in 🙂 I got up at 750am yesterday morning, it was bliss! This morning it was 7am. Funny how a week ago we were often awake just after 5am, and now we’re actually up at a reasonable hour. Long may it continue!

I better go and start sorting out morning tea anyway, and try to stop listening to the voices beneath my feet. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get some writing done today 🙂


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