Re-forming the habit

The writing habit, that is.

We all know I’ve fallen off the wagon a few times. We all know that I have been struggling to claim some time for me and bring back a dose of daily words since the wonderful and blessing filled arrival of Natalie.

I’ve made plans, and set goals and this last lot? I was sure they were going to work. I was feeling great about them. And then I got sick and just couldn’t do it. I was even seriously considering dropping out of October’s Novel Push Initiative. I felt like such a failure when it came to my writing that I just didn’t want to fight against time any more.

Then, Merrilee bashed me around the head, October began and I wrote.

Yes folks, you heard me right. I wrote. Despite the raging headache and the house full of children. I found a ten minute chunk in the day (actually, it was more like an 8 minute chunk and then another 8 several minutes after – I was interrupted by door-knockers. Their timing always sucks) and got some words down.

I changed my daily goal from 20 minutes to 10, because right now all that really matters is that I form the habit – that I reconnect with my writer self on a daily basis. That is the hard part. And it is hard – like changing your diet so that you’re eating only the good stuff, or starting a new exercise programme. Any habit is hard work initially, but once you push through that, you’re set.

And I want to be there again. I want it to be easy. I fondly remember the days I would write 1,500 words a day every single day (even while on holiday!). It would only take me a half hour or so and I could switch into writers mode at the drop of a hat. I know I can’t write that much now, but writing every day means that my progress will be visible and I can stop feeling like I’m stuck in a rut.

I have two flash fiction pieces in the works at the moment. Well, one that I’m going to finish, the other is being morphed into probably a short story. I want to finish the flash off and then get stuck back into Skaazi’s story. I’m going back to my last set of goals and making Friday my submission day. It’s kind of the worst possible day to submit something (who checks email over the weekend??), but it will be a positive way for me to go into the weekend and give me a deadline to work to.

I’m still not 100% better, but I should be sometime in the next week.

I CAN do this. And I will.


8 thoughts on “Re-forming the habit”

  1. It’s a process, and you can only do what seems viable for yourself at the moment. But, the moment doesn’t last forever, only a moment. A few moments later, it will change, and because you’ve committed yourself to the task, the words will continue to flow as the length of the moments increases. How many would simply throw their hands to the sky, assume it’s not possible? Plenty, so many kudos to you for sticking to your writing guns… πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Anna πŸ™‚ So true, everything goes change from moment to moment. I’m looking forward to… well, even 6 months down the track when things won’t be changing quite so quickly! lol It’s certainly a struggle to claim time in the early months.

  2. I’m working on establishing the same habits – you know, the eating good food, getting in daily exercise – oh yeah, and that daily writing thingy;-) NPI is a good start, then NANO. See you there!

    1. HI, Cinette πŸ™‚ thanks for stopping by and commenting. NPI is most certainly a good start – good luck with your month, and with the habit forming. I’m working on the writing first, then the exercise, and hopefully, seeing as its summer, the healthy eating will happen naturally. Mmmm salad season.

  3. of course you can, JC. But please, when you can’t, it’s ok. You have three babies at home with you and one is new new. Be easy on yourself….sometimes even though 10 minutes seems like nothing it just doesn’t happen. Before you know it you will be writing to your hearts content.

    1. thanks, Jennifer πŸ™‚ I’m on day 5 and doing well! finding just ten minutes isn’t always easy, but I feel so much better for it. I can even see that I’m making progress which is bliss! Some days, it won’t happen, and I won’t stress out about it – that’s just life with kids right? πŸ˜‰

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