Feeling the spring thing again

I’m emerging from this fog of illness, though my wisdom tooth is playing up and I had some sinus pain yesterday – seriously WTF?? Cut me some slack here Universe. I understand that possibly, I need more down time, but I’m working on it. Trust me.

Anyways… the weather has once again turned beautiful and I am feeling inspired.

Hubby proposed this ridiculous plan whereby we spend money we don’t have to make slight upgrades/changes to the technology in the house. Initially I gave him the look – you know, the one that conveys that it’s really a stupid idea and how can he possibly expect me to agree to go along with it.

Unfortunately for me, Hubby is pretty smart, and he knows how to plant little seeds in my head. He’s come up with a way to make the change and spend just about no money. Also, he told me I could have the laptop ALL FOR MYSELF. Though it would mean giving up my PC.


Once he said those words (all yours, I won’t use it at all), and painted me a picture of it sitting on my desk. I was sold. Think of all the space I’d have, the clean simple lines of a laptop compared to my hulking PC. That said, I’m very pleased he’s come up with a way to do it that won’t put us out of pocket.

The x-box 360 will be gone. The games all sold. My monitor and PC sold off. The blueray player he just bought will be taken back. Instead we’ll have a computer/media centre thingie in the lounge, I’ll have the laptop, and his PC will be supercharged.

This has several benefits. No more will his gaming mean no TV/movie watching/whatever for the rest of us. I won’t have WoW installed on the laptop, or any other games to tempt me. We’ll have just one box type thing by the TV instead of several and the number of cables on my desk? Totally minimised.

I’ve already started cleaning the space… moving things around… oh boy it feels good. As soon as everything is backed up and transferred, I’m setting up shop.

I’ve also been cleaning out baby stuff. I know, Natalie is only just three months old, but do you know how much stuff you use for those first few months that you simply don’t need for long? All the excess baby clothes have been packed up for my cousin, the changing table, the baby bath, the swing. I can’t wait to have them gone from the house. Everything is feeling cleaner than it has in a long time.

Now if only I could find the time to clean all the windows and get stuck into the gardens….

Summer is going to be brilliant, as is Spring if this good weather keeps happening on occasion.

And the writing? I’m managing my ten minutes a day. I’m feeling good about where things are heading. In this last week I’ve finished a piece of flash fiction and am currently revising Skaazi’s story (man I hate titles. I really need to think of one for it!). NPI is doing wonders for me so far, and I’m confident that I can keep it up.

Better go! Ivy is yelling at me because Lauren is throwing nappies all over the lounge… lol awesome.


7 thoughts on “Feeling the spring thing again”

  1. Oh I do know what you mean about a clean space. And well done hubby for thinking about how to achieve the new shiny in a money-conscious way. He deserves points for that!

    1. He certainly does. Now, if only I could get him to be so creative at finding cash for more practical things around the house…like a fence! lol

  2. Wow, the LAPTOP! I so agree and it sounds so nice to be minimalistic with technology like that. I hope it helps you to write more too. That’s what I always dream a laptop would do for me. *hehehe* ;D

    1. laptops are really quite freeing – having one just for yourself? Heaven. I was so excited when we first got it, but he always wanted to use it! Now it’s mine, all mine. Haha, I feel a bit Gollum-esque.

      Thanks for stopping by! You’re doing so well with your NPI goals 🙂

  3. Hope they were clean nappies! 🙂

    Sounds like a great situation, all around. Sometimes those hubbies do have plan, but I know that LOOK. It feels good just to flash it, even if later it’s rescinded…

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