New Tactic

Sadly, things are changing around here. It appears as though my lovely Lauren is phasing out her day time nap. <plays mourning music>

It’s not gone just yet, but it’s no longer happening on a daily basis. I’ve been relying on that nap in order to get my writing done, even though for most of it, Natalie seems to be awake. It has been getting later and later in the day before I can sit down and tackle the writing.

This has got to change. I cannot leave it to the last minute. Not just for NPI, but for any day. I am always far more productive in the mornings, so I need to reclaim some time.

Dora shall be my saviour. It’s one of the few shows I let her watch, and typically, she is pretty interested in it. By 930 (the time it’s on), Natalie is often sound asleep in the wrap, so it’s the perfect time to get some writing done. I won’t feel guilty about this. I must write, and I cannot use the parent excuse forever. My kids are always going to need me – I just need to find ways around that to get things done. Besides, the upshot of getting the bare minimum done so early in the day means that there is plenty of potential for bonus writing time, which will inevitably make me feel awesome.

I officially started the rewrite of Mocha Nihilism yesterday. It’s feeling good so far, and I think I’ll try and push through a scene a day where I can. Might be wishful thinking, but worth a shot anyways 😉 I am doing a novella swap in about a month, so I have a deadline of sorts to work towards. Always a good thing!


5 thoughts on “New Tactic”

  1. fantastic to see how fit the work in.I guess when i thought about a writer,i thought they just sat down,wrote the story,then fixed grammer and spelling mistakes and perhaps adjusted a chapter here or there to make the book work.im finding it really interesting,following your blog,finding out all the work that is going into this. Im more impressed by the day.its very interesting.i hope you keep posting online.

  2. I’m very impressed by the way you can adapt your writing schedule to fit around everything but I guess it’s either that or not writing at all. I know I can take some lessons from you and become more adaptable with when I write.

  3. Oh, I so recall my son quitting his nap, but if he slept, he’d not sleep that night! Hopefully Dora and Lauren will form a lovely relationship, just long enough for you to get those writing muscles flexed!

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