Tricking the brain

Fear is a big block when it comes to writing, and rewriting a novel/la is a substantial task, one that can certainly instill a bit of fear in the writer.

So when I had to start my rewrite of Mocha Nihilism, I cheated. Once more, I played a trick on my brain.

In order to overcome my fear, I pretended that I was going to be a lazy rewriter. I copy/pasted the first scene into a new doc and tidied it up. I no longer had the fear because hey, look at that! It didn’t take too long to get that first scene into shape after all.

Then when I launched into the second scene, I started fresh. I kept my first draft open, but wrote everything new. I cut out a couple of scenes entirely, am strengthening the different threads of the novella and it feels like it’s coming together pretty well. What’s more – it’s coming easily. I’m really enjoying figuring out what’s important and what isn’t, and then finding ways to insert the necessary info from cut scenes into the new ones.

It’s fun.

When I’m done, I’ll go back and rewrite the first scene so that it’s fresh too. It’s important to do so because otherwise it won’t properly tie into the rest of the novella – I only took the easy path to convince my brain that the task wasn’t too difficult.

And it worked.



7 thoughts on “Tricking the brain”

  1. I love that trick! I sort of do the same by typing what I want to write first before really typing what I want to type: like my brain only works when there are more words up rather than a completely blank page. Thanks for sharing! (and have I mentioned that I totally LOVE the title Mocha Nihilism? If I have, well, it’s worth mentioning twice) 😉

      1. Thanks! This will be fun to get some future ideas!
        I’m going to need to use a backward method for my nanonovel since i already have the story premise in mind, just not a title. I would love to have a working title rather than untitled…hmm…*brainstorming*

    1. Dora is hit and miss, but over all, the new plan is working well. Natalie’s sleep is unpredictable, but normally I find a way around that – baby’s are tough cookies at times aren’t they?
      Hope your little one sleeps more soon, thank heavens for the wrap huh??

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