Why I need a Kindle

I turn 30 in December, which is awesome. I’ve been looking forward to 30 for half my life.

I think that in honour of this lovely number I should get a Kindle, for the following reasons:

1) an e-reader is light, which means I can read big books while holding babies and not worry about dropping those big books on baby’s head.

2) my children can’t Β tear pages from it.

3) I’ll never lose my page/the kids can’t pull my book mark out.

4) I don’t get free books as it is. I always incur late fees at the library, might as well buy an e-book!

5) I want to read more, but taking (my) 3 kids to a bookstore is just asking for trouble.

6) there is no room in my nappy bag for paper books.

7) Because I want one!

We have limited everything in NZ, but a Kindle would do me fine. I still like paper books, but there is no reason I can’t read both. Why choose sides in the e-book/paper book war? Make the most of all books, I say.

Now I just have to convince people to pitch in…. lol wish me luck!


21 thoughts on “Why I need a Kindle”

  1. You need a Kindle and you’ll love it! Just make sure when you get one that you get a protective case for it. Kids sometimes bump them off the side table and they thunk on the floor. It also fits so much better in purses and diaper bags then two paperbacks. And if you aren’t sure about buying a book because you might not like it, an ebook allows you to delete the ones you don’t like without having to find someone to give it to. πŸ™‚

    I wish you luck on your campaign. I bought mine before it went down in price. 😦

    1. Thanks, Stephanie!! I am really looking forward to getting one (am visualizing it happening, it has to, right? lol). Will definitely get a protective cover!

      1. I was so opposed to e-readers…but reading threads like these I’m beginning to change my mind. I just never felt I could enjoy one as much as reading paper…but I am seeing the advantages.

  2. Im wishing you luck.I think you should have a kindle. Ones 30th birthday is a big milestone and needs to have a big deal made out of it. You’re an awesome person and you deserve a Kindle. Claire

  3. I will have to agree with this Kindle quest, as I am also on it! PLUS: amazon does some great promotions, and I’ve even gotten some new books free (or some books as a discounted price with something else, etc). I don’t have a kindle (yet, it will be mine soon! muahahaha), but I already have kindle for PC and iPhone just so I could get some ebooks now for the day that I will get a kindle (see how I like to plan my own addictions??)
    I will be sending out Kindle thoughts to the universe so that you may get one for your 30th (Plus, it’s your 30th, hello? totally need some extra love there, am I right?) (PS, I had to work on my 30th birthday: so I feel that you should have your heart’s desire for yours!)

    1. aw thanks, Liza! totally agree about needing something extra for the big three oh. Bummer you had to work yours!
      I love that you are prepping for your Kindle πŸ™‚ I may have to do the same! Here’s to having Kindle’s in our hands (not our dreams) in the near future.

  4. LOL you definately need a Kindle! I just got mine a month ago and it ROCKS SOCKS!!!

    Also, you can then get a hot pink cover (like I did) which makes it prety much uber-cool.


    And Happy Birthday!!!

  5. You totally deserve one. I am commenting right now from my Kindle while in Ireland. You can read blogs. One of the best writerly uses is you can put work to critique on the Kindle and add notes and highlights as you go. You can do this when reviewing your own work too. You can get all the classics for free and try out samples of ebooks you want to buy. But do be careful how you read with it because it can still hurt when dropped on your head. As I kmow from an instance with a sleepy husband. Oh and I love the Kindle leather case with built in light I got with it. Good luck on your quest and remember to look up the ebook management software Calibre.

    1. Calibre looks very handy, have already been looking into it πŸ™‚ Thanks for the laugh! I can just imagine his surprise when you dropped it on his head lol.

    1. I am opting for Kindle over Kobo because Kindle has more functions (more book space, longer battery life, simple web browser) and is similar in price. I don’t know much about Sony’s version, and don’t know anyone who has one, but all the people who I know who have a Kindle love it.

  6. Cassie! I think this is the best set of reasons to get an eReader I’ve seen yet. Those sound like perfectly valid reasons to me (I mean, if number 7 alone isn’t valid enough reason)!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, by the way!!! πŸ™‚


    I have a Nook from B&N and love it. I don’t use it super often, but when I do, it’s awesome. ereaders are pretty nifty to have. Best of luck!

  8. The big three-oh, huh? Happy approaching birthday. Hope you get your Kindle, and a selection of books for it.

    How well I remember three kids in a bookstore. All of the kids different ages, of course, so all going to different sections. Getting them all back into the car. They need to go to bookstores sometimes, because they should know how special books are, and how personal. But when you just want the latest novel in your favorite series, and just mean to dash in and then out. Oy! Yeah, baby, download it.

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