Why the Novel Push Initiative rocks

The Novel Push Initiative is Nick’s idea, and I think I managed to finish the month out this time around. Still waiting on him to do the final tally, but maybe I scraped through.

Maybe I didn’t. But that’s not really important. What’s important is that IT WORKS. The whole point of it is to build a habit of writing on a daily basis, and it’s once again ingrained in me. Yesterday was Nov 1st, but I still sat down and wrote for 10 minutes. Never once did it occur to me not to do it.

Today, I am already feeling the itch. There is no doubt within my mind that I will write. I think by setting an achievable goal (10minutes a day for me), you set yourself up for success, so even if it seems like a big task initially, you find yourself making progress.

So it just goes to show, that making the effort on a daily basis really does help you develop a habit. Now that I know it works for writing, I will have to start using it in other areas of my life.

Like, exercise. A friend has suggested we climb the mountain. I think it’s a good idea, though it will take me a fair while to get my fitness up for it! Time to plan.


2 thoughts on “Why the Novel Push Initiative rocks”

  1. i think it’s super awesome. i didn’t participate, but congratulations on reestablishing those habits again!! frankly, 10 minutes is friggin genius, because who can deny 10 little minutes? they may be a HUGE pain to acquire some days, but never does it look overbearing or impossible.

    Way to ROCK OUT the NPI 🙂

  2. Im really pleased you have developed the daily writing habit.im gunna try the daily gardening habit.though,there are a few other habits that could help me out lol

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