I placed!!!

The winners of the latest round of the Search Term Challenge over at ErgoFiction, and I finally placed!!

Isn’t it pretty??

This is my first time placing, and definitely my best entry into the challenge so far. If you haven’t yet, pop over and have a read.

Now. Confession time:

I actually wasn’t sure about this story to begin with. I thought I would steer away from my typically creepy and disturbing stories and opt for something a little lighter (if still a little sad). I veered from my typical speculative fiction leanings, though stuck to my strengths.

It felt flat while I wrote it, though I have come to realize that’s because I’m not confident/experienced with writing stories with no spec-fic elements to them. I couldn’t see it for what it was once I’d written it. It took someone else reading it and giving me some feedback before I could read it with impartial eyes – and I actually found myself incredibly touched by the story.

I wanted to see whether I could pull off something non-spec-fic, and apparently I can. Funnily enough, Mocha Nihilism is also completely free of speculative fiction elements as well, and I am enjoying writing that. I guess I’m more flexible than I initially thought. Anything is possible.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the story! It’s going to be my last Search Term Challenge, and I’m so  pleased I went out with a place 🙂


10 thoughts on “I placed!!!”

  1. Woo hoo!! I’m so thrilled to see you placed! It’s an interesting point you make about being more confident in your spec-fic work. I’m always nervous about getting boxed into a particular genre whether self-inflicted or not.

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