There and back

We went for a road trip on Tuesday to Palmerston North. We had an appointment there at 130pm and it’s roughly a 3 hour trip there, 3 hours back. I’d arranged for a few friends to meet us at the park there because I knew the kids would need a good run around after sitting for so long.

The travel sucked, for the most part – though full credit to Ivy, she’s a fab traveler these days (apart from starting to ask if we were there yet only 10 mins into the journey), and Lauren, who did a lot better than last time and only really cried because Natalie was screaming her head off (and we have to travel long distance again in a month, ug!).

I lived in Palmy for four years or so, back at the start of the century (LOL! that sounds so funny) and haven’t spent much time there since. It was nice to show Ivy some of my fav places, to play on the giant mouse wheels with her. I have a lot of fond memories of that place and it’s nice to know that time and being happy with where I’m at in life can drown out the bad memories.

Anyways, this is just a ramble really. It’s been days since I blogged, or really wrote. I have a nasty cough/cold and while it’s on the mend, I just feel like doing a lot of nothing. I read through my assassin story yesterday and can see where the main holes are, I really need to get it fixed up and polished soon as the deadline for submission is end of the month. Tomorrow, hopefully, I’ll have the headspace and energy for it.

In other news, Mocha Nihilism is ticking along nicely. I really like the story, I am enjoying rewriting it so much and wow, it’s a lot easier than first drafting!!! It always surprises me when that’s the case. I used to think the first draft was the most fun to write, but it’s not always the case.

And I’m getting a good idea of the shape of Delaney’s novel too, which I hope to start writing in December. I’m going to pick a notebook for it, so that I can start jotting things down. I have the start of the novel (written a few months ago for the Creativity Workshop Merrilee ran), so now it’s just a matter of working out the kinks in the plot and getting the rest of the novel sorted.


Anyways, hope you’re all well. I hope to not be feeling so flat and be back into the writing tomorrow.


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