Imagination Land

I haven’t had much time to write lately, but I’ve been doing a lot of reading. It’s nice to devour books now and then and I can’t wait to get my e-reader so that I can get through the e-books I have somewhere away from my computer.

I’ve also been playing a lot, capturing the beauty and wonder of toddlerhood and making the most of it. I remember these days with Ivy, though it seems like a long time since she was a whimsical little girl, she’s so grown up these days and concerned with real world things!

Lauren’s world though is populated with all kinds of things and I’m delighting in revisiting Imagination Land where every time we hop off the bed we have to step on the crocodiles snouts so that they can’t bite us, and paper planes are always only an arms reach away, peppering the air above us in a rainbow of colours and the monsters are made of jelly so that we can simply eat them to stop them from hurting us.

I love that we need nothing at all to create fun. I love how vivid it all is, how I can see it like an overlay upon the “real” world.

Children are bliss. And this is one of the best stages. I’m so grateful for my children and their continual ability to bring joy and wonder into my life.


7 thoughts on “Imagination Land”

    1. Thanks, Linda. I love the jelly monsters lol it was so cute. She started off hiding from them, then kicking them away, then shooing them away and then she decided they were jelly so we could eat them – some of them aren’t very tasty tho 😉

  1. Lovely post. “Children are bliss.” Wonderful that you are able to see them that way when so many parents see them only as responsibilities. Cheers for your whole family. :)TX

    1. Thanks, Texanne! I wish everyone felt the same about their kids. They are just such a joy. I think a lot of parents feel so much pressure, and get so much conflicting information that it can be hard to just relax and enjoy your kids. Not a mistake I plan on making 😉 Life is for enjoying, as are my kids.

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