Natalie is getting close to that magical 6 month mark, and despite my telling everyone that we weren’t going to start solids until after the Christmas trip, I’ve gone ahead and done it anyways.

The girl is ready! It’s quite different this time around though, because Lauren really wasn’t interested in food at all until she hit about 9 months. At that age she went straight to finger foods. Natalie looks like she’d rather do that too, but she’s just too little yet, so we’re starting off with rice cereal and pear puree.

Messy, but fun! She seems fine with the flavors and hopefully it will all go smoothly. I’m very much a ‘take it as it comes’ kind of Mum, so am applying no pressure to the situation, she’ll advance in her own time.

It’s amazing how quickly time is passing. I can hardly believe that it was almost 6 months ago she arrived – so much has changed since then, and while life is still in a state of semi-chaos, we’re working our way towards a regular pattern to the day.

In other news, I’m on track to finish Mocha Nihilism in a couple days time which makes me feel so fantastic. It’s been way too long since I finished anything longer than a short story!

I’m very much looking forward to some down time in the coming weeks, looking forward to the return of the sun as well (it’s meant to come back for Christmas!). Things are looking good folks, looking good indeed.


8 thoughts on “Solids!”

  1. I have one thing to say

    *Baby led weening* *Baby led weening* *Baby led weening* *Baby led weening*


  2. We did that with Lauren and found it much easier – for some reason I thought you weren’t meant to give finger foods to 6 month olds tho. I do let her taste/chew/mouth foods, so that she gets to experience things (so funny watching her at times. She tasted some rock melon a week or so ago and didn’t like the taste, but kept going back for another round as I think she liked the texture!). We’re just going with the flow – I’m not mad keen on puree and mash, it’s time consuming and annoying 😉

    1. TELL me about it! I hated pureeing stuff. And BAH spoon feeding TWO babies! I weened Ethan the ‘traditional’ way and he has been nothing but HARD to feed.

      I just waited until the girls were 6 months and let them go for it, and now they will eat anything. And as an added bonus they have very good fine motor skills and pincer grips.

      1. Yeah, Ivy is a MUCH tidier eater than Ivy ever was, and I think it’s because she learned very young how to feed herself. I gave Natalie some banana yesterday and that went well, and then did two spoons for cereal last night! ha, she wanted to hold both, and managed to get a fair amount of food actually in her mouth (none above nose level, which is pretty impressive!) Simon was like ‘Oh she’s gonna get it all over her forehead!’ but she didn’t.
        Fun times.

  3. I have had this question for years. How did civilization come this far before all these experts came alon telling people when they should feed thier babies and what to feed them?

    1. haha, I know right? It’s so easy to get caught up in the information overload. If you just listen to your baby and go by his/her cues then it will all be okay. I think there is way too much pressure on parents to ‘get it right’ and guilt over maybe stuffing your kid up these days.

      I say ‘magical 6 month mark’ because in my experience, it’s when things seem to get a lot easier, when babies have fallen into their natural patterns and it’s easier to plan your life around when they need to sleep.

  4. cograts on the upcoming story completion!!

    and i can’t believe how big little Natalie is getting! has it really been 6 months?! wow.

    little Cairo took to food right away, too. i had tons of sweet potato stained onesies to prove it :p

    1. haha the stains… yeah, not looking forward to that so much!
      It’s 6 months on the 29th, feels so crazy. I can’t believe how fast time has gone by this time around! I guess you don’t notice so much when life is so busy.

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