So I lied…

I was up just after 6am with the kids, and while they watched some holiday cartoons and we waited for the rest of the household to wake, I read some of my short stories….

There has been one lingering unfinished for quite some time now, and it’s got a Christmas theme to it, so I couldn’t HELP myself. I had to check it out.

Oh, it makes me smile. It really does. I MUST finish this story. It has so much of me in it, so much I can relate to.

‘On the first day of Christmas…’ The carol rattled around in her head as she leaned over her sleeping husband. It was the 13th of December and it had been seven months and five days since she’d had more than 3 hours sleep in a row.

Sleep deprivation makes you a little crazy, Sandra had heard. But this made perfect sense.

She knew that Rob would get drunk at the Christmas party. Knew that he would tumble into bed in the early hours of the morning, without a thought as to whether he would wake her with his sickly sweet rum breath.

Knew that it would be the perfect opportunity.

Oh yes, I can’t wait to finish it. My own little not so pleasant Christmas tale.


6 thoughts on “So I lied…”

  1. just a little crazy?? lol
    Hope the holidays were great! My little ones are detoxing now. Always so hard, they want more more more!! And, I hope you (I know it’s fiction but still) get more than 3 hours sleep in a row (i’m not, but eventually…)

    1. lol eventually… I do get 5hrs in a row sometimes, but it’s not that common. And I’m working on 2+ years of sleep deprivation now! One day, we’ll get more sleep. In the meantime, we just do what we can, what we need to, to get by 😉

      1. I know the feeling, Cassie – my oldest started sleeping through the night at 5 years old, and my daughter at 3, and by then I was pregnant again with insomnia! You get kind of used to it, no? I guess it’s kind of like boot camp. lol. Happy writing 🙂

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