What now?

There are still a few days of 2010 left to me, and while I am sick, as well as some of the littles in the house (oh, and Hubby, of course), I’m still wanting to get a lot done. I’m feeling the doldrums setting in, despite the nice weather outside and the only way to push through is with a flurry of activity – even if what I’d prefer to do is lie in bed in peace (we all know that never happens when you have kids anyways, so might as well preserve the fantasy).

So this morning all the washing is on the line, the cardboard we’ve been collecting is filling the boot of the car (seriously, we’ve been hoarding some of this for recycling for almost a year…), and I’m feeling slightly better already.

Oh and now I’ve shoved the dogs couch outside and cleaned the porch area that will be my office – tearful, but good. I’m excited to get my desk out there and see how it all feels. Having my own space.

But what comes next? I have a lot of little tasks to do around the house, but nothing specifically set up for writing for the next few days. I’ve got goals ready to kick off come January and while I could start now, there is something about starting a new year with a new project that I don’t want to miss out on.

I didn’t get any of the work done that I wanted to while I was away, and that’s okay – so I could finish Mommy Ears, or revise some shorts, but nothing is really grabbing me. It’s a time of rest perhaps? I time of letting my ideas brew and gain momentum until I start to write again?

I really hope so, because the reality is that outside of Mocha Nihilism, and Saving Tomorrow, there are no new ideas. Nothing shiny has cropped up in quite some time, and Β while I know that is mostly due to overload and exhaustion, it would be nice if something were there, wanting to tempt me from my path.

Next year.


6 thoughts on “What now?”

  1. I want to see pics of your writing porch once it’s all sorted! I suggest that if you want to keep doing writing things up until Jan 1st then PLAY! Pick out some inspiring pictures and brainstorm ideas or take a writing prompt and just start writing. Then again, that might mean you’ll get a shiny new idea to distract you from Dellany. πŸ™‚

    1. I took a pic of it before, and will take some after πŸ™‚ I keep forgetting that you’ve seen what it used to look like! lol
      I actually did stumble upon a new shiny – but one that needs brewing before I attempt to get to work on it. I’m trying to get some reading done these last days, and get up to date on some work I still need to finalize. That should keep me busy!

  2. My theory is that whipped cream is to blame for the muse’s disdain. At our house, the only time we have whipped cream is for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but we tend to make up for the cream-less months in between!

    Nice to know you’ll have a writing spot of your own. Am I jealous? No, no, no, no, no. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. :)TX

    1. hehe, is there any way you can get a writing spot for yourself? So far, I don’t get to use it alone a whole lot, but that’s okay. Once school goes back it’ll be a bit quieter around the place πŸ™‚

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