Thought I better blog about it, to make it official – I’ve set aside my goals for 2011 and am just cruising through January. I’ll reassess where I’m at come February, but for now more than anything, I need to take the pressure off.
I think I’ve finally hit the wall of exhaustion that’s been looming ahead of me for a very long time now. I haven’t had a new story idea for…well to be honest I can’t remember when the last one was. I have no passion for Delaney’s novel (definitely a bad sign), and no real drive to do anything else either. I’m feeling flat, and uninspired – something I simply refuse to have come through in my writing.
I’ve done pretty well to push on until now. I’m still excited about things, but I have no energy for them. I tried to come up with an idea for a flash competition and while a few things were there, a potential story, some neat ideas that normally I would have loved to play with, I just couldn’t do it.
So, it’s time for a break. Obviously. I still want to get a lot done this year. I still have things I would like to get done this month even – but I’m not scheduling anything in. I’m leaving it wide open and if it happens then AWESOME, and if not, I’m not gonna kick myself. I can’t have this list hanging over me, helping me to feel guilty and like I’m getting further and further behind where I should be. It’s just not worth the energy.
In the meantime I’m reading some books on writing and applying the ideas to both Mocha Nihilism and Saving Tomorrow to see where I can make them stronger. I’m actually really looking forward to ripping into MN and making it as good as it can be, though that’s a post for another day. I guess after any decent sized project (like a novella) one should take some time to recoup ones energy anyway.
That’s me. And besides, school is out ’til Feb 1 – with three kids home who has the time to write? lol I need to go a bit easier on myself, and this is me trying to do that. Pretty sure I’ll still have plenty to blog about – and maybe now that I’m not thinking about how much I should have done (but haven’t) I can finally finish making my desk pretty enough to take a photo of!
Anyways, enough rambling. I hope everyone else has a great writing month. I tend to like to start the year as I mean to continue, but right now rest and recovery are more important. And play. That’s important too.
I’ll have my writers bounce back soon enough 😉