The Office v.2

So…that auction I was watching yesterday? I won it 🙂 My new desk and bookshelf were delivered half an hour ago!

A quick shuffle resulted in this:

You can see the pipes now – will have to tape some card board over it! lol


11 thoughts on “The Office v.2”

  1. That furniture works so well!! The shallower desk work a lot better and gives the kids more space to run out behind you and not bump you! I love that Lauren is in the pictures grinning and playing writer in your chair. 🙂

  2. First, I can’t get over how big Lauren is, oh my goodness!!!

    Second, I love that space, love it!!

    Third, I adore the first desk, but the second fits the space better.

    Fourth, happy new office to you!

    1. Thanks, Anna! you know, I sometimes forget that some of my blog readers (like you!) have *known* Lauren since she was (I still remember emailing you that night!). She is getting to be a big girl these days, goes by so fast.

      I LOVE my old desk, but yeah, it was just too big for the space. Am loving the minimal feel of the new one. It has hardly anything on it, which is actually really nice. The space? It’s fantastic. I can’t believe it never crossed my mind to take advantage of it before (though, it was rightfully Kali’s spot until recently and I wouldn’t have kicked her out lol).

  3. Good space–and I love that it opens to the outdoors. Breathing! Sunshine! Gorgeous offspring–sitting prophetically in the writer’s chair. The new furniture is very appealing. Somehow it reminds me of the country. :)TX

    1. It reminds me of the country too! There is so much green outside – I should try and take some pics sometime. The house very much has a ‘country cottage’ feel to it, as do the gardens.
      By the way, I love all your comments 🙂 Thanks.

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