Buy a NZ book day

March is NZ Book Month, and over at kiwiwriters.org we’ve arranged a special day to help promote it – by buying NZ books you support NZ authors, and booksellers. Which is awesome! I don’t often find myself in a book store, but this is an excellent reason to get out there and grab something off the shelves.

New Zealand Book Month is a non-profit initiative promoting books and reading – and as a result, literacy – in New Zealand.

One month each year we celebrate books and encourage all Kiwis to get involved.

The clear goal of New Zealand Book Month is to form a North to South community of readers. Kiwis passionate about books, determined to share them with each other and spread the word. Telling and retelling stories, and recommending new books to read.  From friend to neighbour, school bus to sporting field, workplace to playground.

-from the NZ Book Month about page

Show your support. Go and buy a book in March – and check out the website for more information on all the great events taking place during the month.


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