I can tell when my babies are getting easier by the fact that I start thinking about gaming. Of course I tell myself that I should not game, because I should be writing, but the reality is that I do the bulk of my writing stuff during nap time, not in the evening. I’m going to admit now that for the most part, at night I sit on the couch with Hubby and watch movies or TV – it would be nice to spend the occasional night playing games.
So I’m on the hunt…
We’ve been browsing the free games, and we’re going to have a fiddle with Champions Online because it’s free to play now. I’ve never played a super hero game, so it’ll be fun and something a little different for me. See I’m what is called a “newb”, I don’t know much and I don’t know how to do it well, I certainly don’t need cheap gaming chairs with outstanding performance. I need hand eye coordination, and game multitasking is not the same as multitasking.

Hubby has said that when Star Wars: The Old Republic comes out he wants to play that for a little while and by the time it is released, I’ll hopefully have plenty of hands free time and will be able to play too. It looks pretty awesome, and now that I know it’s coming and that we’re in I can start obsessing 🙂 Oh, obsession, my old friend.

It’s been too long since I’ve played World of Warcraft to go back to it. Our old guild has fallen apart well and truly by now (it managed to stay mostly together, in various forms, for several expansions, and several of our quitting and restarting episodes), and for me, a great deal of the fun is in the social side of things. If I’m going to have to re-network, I want to do it in a new game, with a new character.

I miss gaming with Hubby. We make a good team, and it’ll be nice to be doing something more mentally stimulating than watch TV together from time to time. (Not that we lack mental stimulation! He is one of the smartest guys I know, and I love discussing all kinds of things with him. Not to mention that he’s cute, and has a wicked sense of humor – P.S he doesn’t read my blog, so no, I’m not fishing for brownie points! lol).
Yay! It feels like I’m reclaiming another part of myself. I have often said that I’d not be gaming again, but you know what? That’s just a part of who I am. A gamer chick. I can love and accept that.