You know you’re growing up when…

…you start buying Tupperware.

A friend of mine recently started selling the stuff, and while I’ve always known it’s excellent quality and typically comes with a life time guarantee, it’s not cheap!

It’s great stuff though, and I couldn’t help buying these bowls with lids – part of the kids range – they’ll be perfect for all kinds of things and I just love the colours!

Sometimes, it’s good to pay a little more and know the products will last though – I am sick to death of buying cheap containers that fall apart after a few months. Now if only I had enough money to replace all my budget stuff with Tupperware!


4 thoughts on “You know you’re growing up when…”

    1. lol, yeah we used to do the same thing, but we don’t eat a lot of takeaways these days! Funny how quickly they all break and get thrown out when you stop purchasing chinese.

  1. Okay, I don’t know if this is a testament to how great Tupperware is or how old I am, but I bought my first set of Tupperware stuff in the early 90s when I was a newlywed. I might have even still been engaged. I’ll be married 20 years next month, and we still have that set of bowls. 🙂

    1. I’m going to say that’s a testament to how great Tupperware is 😉 You’re definitely not old! I love hearing about how well it lasts. Am looking forward to slowly adding to my stash.

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