One month of my Kindle

Over the last month, my reading habits have changed dramatically. On some levels I knew this, but it wasn’t until I decided to set a goal of 75 books for the year over at Goodreads, that I saw just how major it was.

Apparently, last year I read twelve books. Just twelve. This year, I have already read FIFTEEN. We’re only halfway through February! Out of those books, I believe just three have been paper format, two of which were books about writing, the other was a Goodreads win I had from over a year ago that I thought I should finally finish.

Far out. That is HUGE. All up, I believe I have probably spent about the same amount of money as I would on one paperback (if you live overseas, the cost of a regular book is around the $24 mark, or was last time I actually went to a store), but I’ve purchased about 7 (haven’t read them all yet!), and the rest have been free reads either from Amazon, or for review. It’s very easy to click ‘buy’ when the price is so low.

I have a paperbook here to read. A few friends have read and enjoyed it, and I would like to read it but the Kindle feels so good in my hands. That quickly, folks, that quickly my preferences have changed. I am a reading machine, and I prefer my Kindle.

The only thing I’ve discovered is that I prefer to read short story collections in paper form. The fact that each story is different, to me, lends itself to the flickability of paper – I like to be able to jump around, read the stories that take my fancy, and I haven’t found a way to do that easily on the Kindle.

Anyways, I love my Kindle. Absolutely the best purchase I’ve made in years (thanks again to everyone who pitched in!). I love reading so much and am feeling a lot of love for all kinds of books at the moment.

In case you are worried, I’m still writing though! Tomorrow I’ll be doing an update, and then on Friday I’m guest posting over at Amy’s blog.


4 thoughts on “One month of my Kindle”

  1. I know exactly how you feel about the Kindle experience. I’m the same way! I’m almost resentful if I have to read something in paper form–ew, handle paper? LOL.

    Look forward to having you visit on Friday!

  2. Ha, I’ve noticed the same thing with my Kobo. I broke down and bought it for myself after Christmas, and I have had something to read constantly since then. I’m positive that I have last year beat in terms of books read.

    I agree too about short story collections. Read World War Z earlier and I would have preferred to have the physical book version of that one to flip the pages back and forth between the stories.

    1. Also nice to know it’s not just me preferring short story collections in print 😉 Kobo sounds like a great Christmas present to me! E-readers aren’t all that common over here yet, but everyone who has seen my Kindle thinks it looks pretty awesome! Hopefully more people will have them soon and maybe then the books will be a bit cheaper/distribution a little better. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment 🙂

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