Writing update

I’ve had a bit of a lull again – it seems that the ‘I Sucks’ are doing the rounds at the moment and I had my dose. Thankfully, I’ve moved on from there and am stuck back into my work.

I have a few things going on at the moment, though most of my time has been spent rehashing the structure of MN – I’ll keep calling it this for now, but I need a title that better reflects the tone of the story, so at some point, it will change! – I was trying to do it in a spreadsheet, but then got frustrated and got some memo paper. It was the closest thing to index cards I could find at the supermarket.

I should confess right now that I have never used index cards before in my life. It has always sounded like a cumbersome and difficult way to do things. I just never *got* it. So you can imagine my surprise when yesterday I had a desperate desire to use them…

I’m using them to figure out which scenes go where. I have the beginning and end done, I just need to finish filling out the middle so that it’s not flabby. I’m working off the three act structure, the pink slips being my intro, 1st doorway, 2nd doorway, and big show down scenes. It’s actually really cool to see it there on the wall, and I think it will helps loads when I get around to the next draft.

At the moment, I’m looking at starting in March because there is an editing challenge on over at Kiwi Writers for 20hrs in the month. I’m going to be doing the editing anyways – might as well get a shiny badge out of it! lol I may get stuck in before then, but I have a couple of things to finish off this month still.

Top of the list is a short fantasy story that I’m reworking, The Comfort of Wood. I love this story, so I’m hoping that I can get it finished off in the near future.

I’m also tossing around ideas for my next big project. This requires some serious thinking about where I want to head as a writer. So many options, all of them tempting and delicious. At least I’m not limited in any way 😉 freedom to choose my own path is something I want to celebrate, which ties in a little to my guest post over at Amy Rose Davis’ blog. It’ll be up at some point – I’d give you a better idea of time but I suck at figuring out time conversions 🙂


10 thoughts on “Writing update”

  1. *giving you more “you’re awesomes” to counteract any lingering “I sucks”*

    I like the storyboarding process you have going on. I need to start the Hot Mess on this track too, so I can see structure and logical progression as I revise.

    I’m also proud that you’ve read more books so far this year than you did all last year. I think I need to start tracking books I’ve read, too, to help me from slacking. I think I’ve given myself an excuse not to read in favor of writing, but I know that I write more when I read more.

    Best of luck on your future projects!

    1. Aw, thank you! I’ll come read your comment any time I sense some of the I Suck’s creeping back in 🙂

      Good luck getting the Hot Mess back on track – I am really finding that this process is helping me, so I hope it works a treat for you too.

      Also, sign up for Goodreads! Unless you have, and if you have, add me… I lose track of who I have and who I haven’t, but it’s a wonderful website for keeping track of what you’re reading, looking at reviews of books and seeing what other people are reading/enjoying. I tend to write more when I read more as well, and if you look at it as ‘research’ or ‘keeping up to date with trends’ then it’s kind of part of the job of being a writer 😉

  2. The post-it idea is genius. There’s something about having the idea in the physical realm where you can move it around that really does help.

    Sorry you have the “I sucks” at the moment. Ugh, nothing more exhausting than working through that.

    1. Thanks, N.M! It is exhausting, but I think I’ve found some ‘I rock!’s to balance out the sucks 🙂

      You’re very right about having something you can actually move around, interact with. I think because it engages a few more senses than screens do. Which is funny. For so long now I have relied on a computer for all aspects of my writing, and now here I am, getting back to basics!

  3. Ah, man… Did I give you my case of the I Sucks? First I gave my man my flu bug… Now I’m spreading the I Suck bug… 🙂

    You don’t suck. We just all feel that way. You’re awesome. 🙂

    Look forward to tomorrow!

    1. It does, always! Just a matter of time and not letting life get in the way.
      Nice to hear that someone else hasn’t done the index card thing before – if you do ever get stuck though, give it a go!

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