Start as you mean to continue?

I like to start each month fresh, and I tend to want to do as the title says. If that is the case this month is going to be very busy and quite productive!

I have so much on this month, I can’t even look at the list straight because it’s too intimidating. That said, I actually think I’ll get through a decent chunk of it! I have four short stories lined up for completion – though only one of those is completely unwritten. The rest are in various stages of rewrites.

I have Mocha Nihilism to work on as well. Today I started a fresh document and pulled over the first scene and started working on adding in the extra bits it needs.

I read several stories for the anthology, and also did some proof reading for my job. All in all, a very successful day.

I also managed to have coffee with two friends during the day, play with the kids, the cats, take the kids for coffee at another friends house after school, hit the supermarket, the doctors, and get the house tidy.

Yes, some days I AM superwoman. And if I can maintain this steam for just a few days, I’ll be well on the way to achieving my goals.

How is your month shaping up? Any new and exciting goals? Or are you continuing on a project already underway?


7 thoughts on “Start as you mean to continue?”

  1. My month is not yet taking shape. It’s hanging onto everything except the present and as I try each day to pull that into my world, inch by painstaking inch, it reneges, it loses hours to the ether and it claws to go the opposite direction than it should. Indeed it is a titanic struggle of which I hope to win, day by day, clawing back more fiercely inch by inch. However I did start with ambition, and it is with this in mind, as you say, that I hope to continue.

    1. Good on you, Tracey! hang onto that ambition and I am sure you’ll claw your way back *hugs* How long til you head overseas now?

    1. I know! Where is the year going? Hope you have an awesome March 🙂

      Mocha Nihilism IS a great title. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really fit the tone of the novella 😦 I hate having to change it, but alas, it’s the only thing to do.

    1. Oh I wish we had extra hours in the day! I think I am running on adrenaline still, and am basically faking that I have energy and drive – I’ll have to crash soon, no doubt!

      That is an EXCELLENT goal! I can’t wait til your book is out and I can post about it!

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