W is for Winters

This one is a little overdue! I finished the book a little over a week ago, but with the Christchurch earthquake, regular life was disrupted for a little bit and so was my writing/reading/reviewing.

Back to business now!

Zoe Winters is probably one of the better known indie publishers around at the moment. She is passionate about the movement, honest about her experiences and has a lively blog which has some excellent reading on it.

I’d heard about her from various sources, and been reading her posts for a while before I decided to try out her books – paranormal romance is not really my thing, but I’m trying to broaden my horizons.

Save My Soul:

All he’s asking for is her soul.

After buying the antebellum home she’s fantasized about since childhood, Anna Worthington discovers Luc, a dangerously seductive incubus who has been trapped in the house by a fifty-year-old curse. To rid herself of her problem house guest she’ll call on a priest, gypsies, ghost hunters, and the coven of witches from lust bunny hell. All she has to do is resist him long enough to break the spell so they can go their separate ways. If she doesn’t, she could die. And that would be the best case scenario.

For the most part, I enjoyed this book. The dialogue was snappy, the characters fun, and I could picture the house and environment really easy. Winters really brought the town where her novel is set to life with a whole cast of characters that scream ‘small town!’ in that way where everyone knows you, and wants to know what you’re up to. I can relate to that. I’ve lived in small towns.

Obviously I can’t relate to having an incubus falling for you and wanting your soul… but Winters does a good job of writing this difficult plot line – difficult in that traditionally romance novels shouldn’t have their main male lead sleeping with people other than the female lead. It’s called for in this book, and I really liked the way the female lead struggled with her emotions over how she feels about his need to feed from others in order to survive. Her progression through her feelings towards the climax of the book was quite realistic, even though it happened over a very short amount of time. (Never fear, there is good reasoning behind that but I won’t tell you why!).

I don’t want to say much more, because it would be easy to give away spoilers with a book like this. If you enjoy paranormal romance, then I imagine that you’ll want to get your hands on this book.

Next up for this challenge I’ll be reading Pax Corpus, by Ryan S. Fortney. I just have to finish the book I am reading, and wrangle it onto my Kindle in some form or another, and then I can get stuck in!


3 thoughts on “W is for Winters”

  1. Hmm, nice review! I like the idea of this book, in a secretly delicious way lol. And indie publishers… never heard that one before. Will look into it :p

    1. Indie is the cool way to say ‘self-published’ lol it sounds better in general, but typically suggests that they are putting in the time and effort to make sure they put out a solid read with good editing and great covers etc.

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