9 things everyone should know about writers…

Amy (I think?!) linked to this post a couple of days ago now on twitter.

I think these things are very important to know, so I’m passing the link on. The first one in particular made me laugh and nod my head knowingly.

1.WE ARE WORKING. when you call and ask us to hang out (thank you kindly for the invitation!) and we say something to the effect of What ho! Sorry there, friend! Can’t do, today! Working on the manuscript! and you LAUGH AT US? wellllllllll let’s just say maybe we will be writing you into the first book in our series and maybe you will not show up in the second. *

Go on, have a read. Maybe it’ll give you some insight into the life of a writer πŸ˜‰

*Are you wondering now whether I’ve written you in (or written you off in) a novel? Don’t worry. I think you’re all safe.


12 thoughts on “9 things everyone should know about writers…”

  1. I’d say this applies to ANYONE working from home! For some reason some people (not naming names) seem to think just because I do my work from home I am not really working, or that it’s easy. I say YOU try it! AND looking after twins … see how it easy it is πŸ˜‰

    1. SO true Emily! lol I’ve been trying to train Hubby to ask whether I’m available or not before launching into conversation with me. Quite often he gets the ‘Just let me finish proofing this page’ or ‘5 minutes and I’m all yours’, and if I’m really under pressure “I’m working!’

      It is NOT easy to work from home. And so many people do think it’s not real work because you can do it in your PJ’s – IT IS WORK! lol everyone has their perks, ours just happens to be comfort and convenience πŸ˜‰

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