I’ve been walking the line of exhaustion for a fairly long time now, trying my hardest to stay balanced, to stay on top of everything despite the sleep deprivation. For the most part, I think I’ve been doing a pretty good job, though the last few days of this work week I’ve slipped a few times and those small mistakes threatened to pull me into a spiral of self doubt and despair.
Not really the best place to be – especially while I have so much work to do!
So I took the weekend off. I was up to date on pretty much everything I should have been. Nothing pressing was waiting for me and I just needed to back off. Tell myself that things could wait. My computer was turned off more than on this weekend, and that’s very uncommon for me. I love being able to walk past and see whats going on – emails, tweets, facebook updates. But more often these days I’m shutting all those windows and focusing on just one or two things at a time. The things that are important: my writing, my proof reading, the anthology.
Multi-tasking is a wonderful thing, and I am FABULOUS at it, but there really is something to be said for giving just one thing your attention.
Mostly, this weekend these ones had my attention:

And Miss Ivy of course – though at this point in the day she was having some quiet time away from her noisy, pesky little sisters. Big girls need a break from little hands from time to time. (Oh, Ivy, if only I could shut myself in my room for some peace and quiet! Enjoy it while you can 😉 lol.)
It was lovely chilling out in our little sheet tent in the backyard. Must make the most of these sunny, but not too hot, days while they last.