So, my good friend Leigh put me onto a new programme last week (in fact, she was referred to it by another friend) and I have been playing with it when and where I can.

It’s called OmmWriter. I downloaded the free version, Dana, and just a few nights ago upgraded to Dana 2, which you can get for a very small donation. The first version is really wonderful, and the upgrade gives you a few more sound and background options. I actually quite like the default, but I am enjoying using it so much that I really just wanted to give them some money.

Now, I have tried many writing programmes, and none of them really work for me. They are all pretty, and cool and have lots of functions, but I always find myself switching back to Word because it’s easy. I will still use Word once I get past the first draft stage, but I can definitely say I am a convert to Dana.

It’s just so simple, so clean. The music choices are perfect, the background choices are lovely and the real world just seems to melt away, allowing me to connect with just the words, both in my head, and on the page. That’s all I really need. To sink into my writing, to shut everything else out. The bells and whistles of other programmes are great, if you are into that kind of thing, but for me, I just need a page and the words, and Omm facilitates that really well.

Go and give it a try! They haveΒ Mac andΒ PC versions, and hell, it’s free, so you really have nothing to lose. Who knows, you might just fall in love with it like I did.


10 thoughts on “Omm….”

    1. it’s just for first drafting really. for getting the words out. Lord knows I have enough things to distract me in my house – this does help!

  1. Oh this is quite amusing. I was totally going to write a blog on Omm as well… too impressed with this software. *LOVE*
    The perfect writing environment. You know – it actually won software awards for 2009 or 10 I think…

    1. did it? not surprising! I guess it’s only odd that I hadn’t heard of it until now. Maybe because it was mostly Mac until recently?

  2. Leigh always has the best ideas! I’m on my way to check it out. I don’t mind the lack of bells and whistles, they just get in the way. I don’t usually even spell check until I’m on the last possible edits. Word is driving me mad at the moment. I only have the free version that came with my laptop and it’s got an advertisement that takes up quarter of the page. That flashing in the corner of your vision while you write is enough to make you blow a gasket!

  3. Yay! So glad you love OmmWriter Cassie!! Tick 1 for another Omm devotee…Been using this for program for 6 months now and Love Love Love..did I say Love it.. Happy that the referrals are steamrolling through the www.
    – Kim

  4. Hey Cassie- mmm- I just love Omm – so much that I just blogged on it. I use Scrivener – have been since Nano and it works for me, but Omm is perfect for the draft writing. I had to blog about Omm just cos we are all so in love with it (thanks Kim!)
    Next time I’m on Omm I shall think about all my fellow Ommers xx Tee

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