Motivating forces

So, you know how I started playing that new game? Omg, I love it. I think about Β it a lot. Rather than causing me to waste time though, it’s actually helping keep me motivated. I know that I can’t play until I get so many things ticked off my list. It’s like I have finally found the rhythm I have been so desperately searching for.

Who would have thought that a game I’m in love with was the answer to my problems? Things seem to be falling into place now, and by about 8pm each night I am finished my list of tasks and I can shut my laptop down and switch into play time mode. Hubby is really enjoying it too, which is a blessing – I much prefer to game with him. We make a kick ass team and I really think that gaming together has helped us learn our strengths and weaknesses, which can then be applied to the rest of our relationship. Yeah, I know, you’re probably rolling your eyes, but if you’ve ever played an mmorpg with your life partner, you’ll probably get where I’m coming from.

In any event. Things are being ticked of my task list left right and centre. I’m aiming to edit a couple of stories for Tales every day, and that will about see me on track for launch. I’m doing my best to stay on top of it all, and also making sure I write a scene on my new story every day as well. I need to reconnect with my own writing, and I am finally feeling at a place where I can do that. Between Omm, and the incentive to get it done so that I can go and play…

Ah, yes. Reward systems DO work.

Now if only I could find a big enough reward to get Lauren to stay in her own bed all night…


5 thoughts on “Motivating forces”

  1. Now you make me curious about Rift. xD I’ve only recently discovered WOW and enjoy it. -goes to check it out-

    But yes, it’s amazing how reward systems can actually keep you focused and productive… even when the prize is a video game. The key to it, is enforcing the… “if I don’t get this done, I don’t get to play.” Too many people let themselves play games all day and not do a drop of anything else – that’s when the system fails.

    1. I didn’t know you played WoW! lol I don’t miss it at all, funnily. It’s a good game, but am enjoying Rift more at the moment – I think because it’s something new, while also being enough like WoW to feel at home.

      I could never be one of those people who play games all day. Far too many other things to do! lol and I promised I would never be one of *those* parents.

      1. Lol, just recently discovered WoW. I’d been looking for a computer game to play for a little while and finally my brother had me try the trial. So far I like it, but I’m definitely a casual player. xD

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