Today, I write

I’m posting this here so that if in fact I don’t write, you can line me up against a wall and fire rounds of paint balls at me.

The editing is done with for now, we’re moving onto other things while we wait for authors to respond and proofs to be read. Every day brings us closer to release, which is very exciting.

It does mean I have a little more time on my hands though. Yesterday, I didn’t do anything with it. I spent some time at a friends, played with the girls, got frustrated at the lack of their sleep, read a book, and played Rift with Hubby last night. I needed the down time, but I really felt like I should have slipped some writing in there.

Today I WILL write. I need to force myself to sit here and get some words out, or it’s never going to happen. I confess to having left it too long, to finding it difficult to know where to start – which is all the more reason to START. Words on the page are better than words in your head.

Once I get the little ones down for a sleep, it will be me and Christy (and Rob). Scene two of the novella.


7 thoughts on “Today, I write”

  1. Hope you are writing…otherwise hope you are well-protected as soon there will be some paintballs being shot in your direction.

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