Hold your fire!

I wrote, I wrote!! A mere 362 words, but words all the same. I’m still making my way through the second scene of the novella. It’s hard writing at the moment, I mean, I can sit here, and the story is there in my head but it’s been so long since I’ve actually interacted with it like this – the page, the words and me – that it doesn’t feel natural.

Need to switch off my ‘editing’ hat and just let loose. I know I’ll get back into the swing of things, just a matter of sitting down every day and reconnecting. I’m still really excited about the story, and still love the characters, which means it’s worth pushing through this hard bit, to get back to that sweet writing zone.

Anyways… better go get some stuff done so that when Natalie naps I can come back and get a little writing done πŸ˜‰

How is your work in progress coming along?


10 thoughts on “Hold your fire!”

  1. Good work that girl. I’m slowly developing a whole load of back story, while trying to work through a detailed storyline. Trying a mix of just writing the story and characters (albeit in a very shortened version) without having a pre-defined plan, with the view that when it comes to actually sitting down to properly writing the novel, I won’t find myself getting completely lost, spend loads of time trying to edit and re-do previous bits as I go along and then just giving up on the whole damn thing – as has happened in the past.

    1. Thanks, Richard πŸ™‚ Good luck with your new technique – let me know how it works! I’d love to spend less time faffing about lol but I think I need to have a better functioning brain for that. Maybe in a few months time.

    1. lol well, she slept for a bit and I did get some more done. Today it might not happen, but looking forward to getting some solid writing done at some point over the weekend!

  2. Hey Cass
    Good on you girl!- any words are good words when regurgitating the story thats been macerating in your brain/mind/soul (where-ever it is that our stories live before they are thrown onto a page)
    And the blog post counts too!!

    1. Thanks, Tee! I don’t tend to count blogs as writing – it’s not helping me move forward on my WIP, though I guess it IS keeping me honest lol.

      How is your WIP coming along?

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