Bad timing

I have just been going through the motions of our morning routine. Changing nappies, getting kids dressed, getting breakfast reading, checking my emails, making sure they have brushed their teeth and hair (the kids, not the emails). You know, regular morning stuff.

I boiled the jug, then left the water thinking that I wouldn’t have a coffee before school.

And that’s when I remembered – there is no school today. I could have that coffee now. But, it’s still school holidays. I’m not dreading them, obviously, or it wouldn’t have slipped my mind. We have lots lined up, and easter is merely a week away now. But…school holidays.

I distinctly remember telling myself, and the world, that I wasn’t scheduling any writing for school holidays. I was just going to do what I could, when I could, and not feel bad about it.

Yet this past week I have been getting myself back on track, getting words on the page, getting in touch with my story. Not the best time for a writing revival, huh?

Oh well. I intend to push ahead with the novella rewrite, as and where I can, no guilt when I get nothing done. Already I can see that the dynamic between my children has changed though. Just a few months older than the last holidays, but already more grown up. It’s pretty amazing. I just realized by the next time we come around to school holidays I won’t have any babies, I’ll have toddlers and a school kid. And then by years end I will have a toddler, a pre-schooler and a school kid.

And now I think they are growing up way too fast. I better go and hug them.


4 thoughts on “Bad timing”

  1. I think the important thing is that you WANT to be writing rather than feeling like you “should” be writing. It’s the expectations and guilt that you need to leave behind, knowing you’re putting school holidays and time with your family first. If you’re driven to write anyway because you love the story, you love the progress, the process and the writing then go for it!

    1. Oh, I do WANT to be writing! Which is a nice change from the way I have been feeling lately 🙂 Thanks for pointing that out, Kerryn.

  2. Ooops. But like Kerryn says, there’s a difference between scheduling to write and writing – if you can write without the scheduling and the pressure on yourself, more power to you.

  3. Oh yes, hugs at this juncture are fantastic! We’ll be seeing our three this weekend, and at 22, almost 21 and 18, it’s not the same anymore. Weren’t they just your girls’ ages? 🙂

    Great to be wishing for that writing to commence! I just returned from a four-day break and can’t WAIT to get back into the swing!

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