Backing Delaney

Long time readers of this blog will know that I have a character called Delaney Jones. She’s one in a million, and has been taunting/harassing me for a while now.

What most of you won’t know is that for about 4 months now I have discarded her.

I hear you shrieking ‘WHAT!!!??’ at me. Calm down! I know, I know. How could I set her aside? How could I NOT want to write her novel? She is the character I have had the most interest about from readers, and it seems insane to consider sidelining her, and refusing to give her a moment in the spotlight.

And yet, I’ve had some series doubts and issues about certain things in the novel. Some huge barriers which made me think that it was just too much hassle, too much drama, and way too much work to make the novel okay. I was worried about the squick factor, the sexual core, and some other stuff to boot.

It made me sad, thinking that it was never going to get written, but I’d come to accept that maybe Delaney just wasn’t ready. Or maybe the world wasn’t ready for her yet, or whatever. We writers can come up with all kinds of excuses not to write something.

However, this morning I was chatting with a writer friend about what novel I will work on next. I was debating whether to write a new one, or work on an old one, saying that I wasn’t really being pulled one way or the other about it – but I figure, any novel I write now will need less work due to my being a more experienced writer. An old novel will need to be rewritten, pretty much, so both ways will take roughly the same time-frame.

I mentioned Delaney, and she asked me to tell her more. So I did. The more I talked about it, the more excited about the idea I got, and the more I realized that I could find a way past those big barriers if I wanted to. And I do want to, I can see that now. Yes, it’s big, and daunting, and it intimidates the hell out of me – but that’s where the really good stuff comes from. If I dig deep, if I push at my boundaries I can do something amazing with this novel.

So I’m backing Delaney, again. We’re not in business yet, because I do still need to finish this novella, and I have other things that need tidying up as well. You could say that we’re speaking again though, and that’s what I needed – a voice to call me, to lead me into a novel. We can be lost together initially. Kira is dead, after all, and we both mourn that. Together, Delaney and I can solve the mystery of her murder, and bring this story to life.


9 thoughts on “Backing Delaney”

  1. That’s what I did with my book I just finished, and I think it’s the best thing I ever wrote. I honestly think those ones that challenge you so much are the ones you shouldn’t ever leave alone, but let stew until they’re ready to tell you how they want their story told. Good for you for listening! I bet it will be great!!!

    1. I hope it will be, Wen 🙂 I believe along the same lines as you do – gotta dig deep and face up to the challenges your writing can present.

  2. I’m happy to hear it! 😀 Isn’t it great when something finally ‘clicks’? And chatting with other writer (or even non-writer friends) can suddenly make everything more clear.

    1. Can make a world of difference! You’re right too, about non writer friends. Sometimes we just need someone to sit there and nod their hear (even if you can’t see it, online), while you work the kinks out for yourself.

  3. Sometimes we get an idea that we’re just not quite ready for, if they’re really worth it… they’ll stick around, with that same exciting incitement they used when they first came knocking on your brain. Sounds like Delaney fits that category! That extra challenge will make you grow even more as a writer. ^_^

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